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Write a column using quotes from the documentary. Go in the theme ogf how this was the downfall of his career

Bob Knight Was Not Just a Basketball Coach, He Was a God
Bob Knight may be known nationally as a hall-of-fame coach, however people in the state of
Indiana see him in a different light. Known for helping the Indiana Hoosiers become a blue
blood en route to winning three national championships and 11 Big Ten regular season
championships, every fellow Hoosier worships Knight.
Knight was untouchable in Bloomington. The ESPN 30-for-30, “The Last Days of Knight,”
highlights many instances of Knight acting as a dictator with no consequence. The documentary
focuses on the main altercation that ended Knight’s outstanding career in Bloomington.
When Knight chocked out Junior guard Neil Reed, not many people thought much of it. It was
almost like a typical practice for ‘The General.’ However, this was the tipping-point for Coach
Knight. Reed would transfer from the program; which opened up many questions to why
someone would leave a hall-of-fame coach.
After CNN did some investigating, they found a hideous track record of player abuse. Aside
from the physical games Knight played, such as choking out or even hitting players, he also
destroyed kids mentally.
Former Hoosier, Charlie Miller, recalled an all-time halftime rant from the legendary coach.
Knight walked into locker room and went straight toward the bathroom. He then came back out
with his pants around his ankles, and a piece of toilet paper that he used to wipe in his hands.
“That’s just his way of expressing himself if I can’t tell you I have to show you,” Said Miller in
the CNN interview, “And what other way to show you rather then pull my pants down, wipe my
a- -and tell you that you’re playing like sh—t.”
These two instances alone would be enough for a head coach to be dismissed. But as far as
Indiana University and their athletic department could see, Knight could do no wrong. He was
given a second chance.
Eventually the fiery coach could not control his temper and would break his second chance
clause. Not only did he refuse to relinquish some of his responsibilities to the athletic director,
but he also got into a verbal altercation with a 19-year old student.
“Unfortunately, there have been many instances in the last 17 weeks in which Coach Knight has
behaved and acted in a way that is both defiant and hostile. These actions illustrate the very
troubling pattern of inappropriate behavior that make clear that Coach Knight has no desire,
contrary to what he personally promised me, to live within the zero-tolerance guidelines we set
out on May 15,” Said former IU president Myles Brand on Knight’s firing. “We have given
Indiana University basketball coach Bob Knight one last chance. And he’s failed to take full
advantage of that opportunity.”
Normally, after a coach is fired from a controversy like that fans are understanding. However, in
a basketball crazed state like Indiana, it is quite the opposite. Fans rioted the streets of
Bloomington, until Knight himself came out to address the crowd. And there stood Knight,
almost like a gold statue with all his followers bowing down to him like the god they thought he
Even twenty years after Knight’s firing, the Hoosier fans still view him as a god sent from above,
and so does the athletic department. They believe the only way to get the program on track is
to resort to the past and dig into Knight’s coaching philosophies. The Hoosiers hired Mike
Woodson, who played for Knight at IU. The program still hanging onto any thread of the
legendary coach.

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