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Please use template provided.
Over the past two modules, you have explored the fundamentals of global
business, such as key drivers for expansion of domestic business and cultural
considerations. In this milestone, you will complete the first part of your
course project by explaining what you have learned about global business
thus far.
You are a business analyst working at a small domestic organization that
produces high-quality cell phone cases. Your organization has begun to see its
sales flatten in the domestic market. While the organization is not losing
money, leadership would like to explore options to continue to grow. One
option that leadership has noticed competitors attempting is entering
international markets.
You have been asked to examine the benefits, drawbacks, and key
considerations for your organization to enter one of the global markets below,
and to summarize your findings in a business brief for leadership.
Select one of the following international markets to use for your course
South Africa
In this milestone, you will complete Section One of the Business Brief
Template (located in the Guidelines for Submission section of this document).
Drivers for Global Entry: Develop the first section of the Business Brief
Template that explains the purpose of global expansion, business impacts of
global business, societal impacts of global business, and cultural
considerations using evidence from course and outside resources to support
your explanations. Make sure to use evidence from course resources to
support your responses.
Please use this textbook as reference
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Country Selection: State the country you have selected to use for your
course project.
Purpose of Global Expansion: Explain key benefits of successful global
expansion for domestic organizations.
Business Impacts of Global Business: Explain how global expansion of
a domestic organization can impact business operations such as
strategic planning, marketing, supply-chain management, human
resources, and so on.
Societal Impacts of Global Business: Explain how the global expansion
of organizations has impacted society, citing specific examples
regarding culture, transportation, employment, infrastructure, and
environmental climate.
Cultural Considerations for Global Business: Explain the importance
of researching the culture of a potential global market prior to market
entry, as well as key cultural considerations to explore to inform
expansion decisions.
Guidelines for Submission
Template: Business Brief
Submit Section One: Drivers for Global Entry of this template as a 500- to 600word Word document. Sources should be cited according to APA style.

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