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Structural Frame


Effective leaders and managers need to understand how to establish organizational goals and design the structure of an organization to best achieve those goals. The structure of an organization might change over time, depending on its strategy, goals, size, and the certainty and stability of the environment in which it operates. Your internship provides an opportunity for you to analyze the optimal structure of your organization as well as challenges and opportunities it might face in the future.  As a newcomer to the organization, you will probably need to ask questions about how the organization operates in order to better understand its structure.


Read: Chapter 2: Structural Leadership.

How Great Leaders Think

. Bolman, T. and Deal, T.


Your paper should address the following:

Section 1:  Mission

State your organization’s mission and explain how you feel about it. If you are unable to find a mission for your organization, describe what you think the organization’s mission is and provide an explanation for why you think a formal stated mission does not exis

Section 2:  Organizational Structure

Provide an organizational chart for your organization. The organization might have a published org chart that you can append to your paper or you can create a chart in MS Word using shapes and arrows. If confidentiality is an issue, you do not need to include employees’ names; however, please include the names of structural units and/or position titles.

Describe what type of structure you think your organization has. Is it organized by function, product, geography, process, etc.

Section 3:  Organizational Growth

Each organization will have its own growth trajectory depending on the organization’s goals, resources, and industry. In which phase of growth on the Greiner Curve Model do you think your organization exists currently? Why? To what extent does the structure of the organization fit with the organization’s stage of development? (e.g., has the organization grown to the point where more expertise and division of labor is needed than the current organic structure provides?)

Assuming the organization continues to grow, what will be the key challenges, opportunities, and threats the organization might face? As the organization transforms to the next phase of growth, what do you anticipate will be the key structural changes necessary for growth?

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