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According to the outline I provided, expand the content into an article with a length of 7-10 pages. And provide a detailed description of the method used for this research, and give a clear justification for why chose this method. It is best to have more than 6 references, you can use the references I provided in the outline or add others. Use APA style format. For details, please see the outline I provide below


Research Outline
Internet violence
With the development of science, people have become more and more dependent on
modern communication technology. The Internet not only makes it convenient for people to
communicate with their relatives who are far away, but also enables more and more people to
conduct social networking and chatting with people from different regions on the Internet.
This shows the great contribution that the network has made to the modern means of
communication. Correspondingly, while the Internet facilitates people’s communication and
social contact, it also has a negative effect that cannot be ignored, that is, Internet violence.
My research title is Internet violence. Under the current situation, the number of Internet
users has taken up a considerable part of the global population. Therefore, the effect of the
Internet on people in reality is becoming more and more important, both positive and
negative. While real violence deserves our attention, cyber violence is becoming harder to
The research question I choose is the impact of Internet violence on children and
minority groups(such as feminism group). Although Internet violence causes more or less
damage to the psychology of all people, it has the most serious impact on children and
minority groups. Children are not mentally mature enough and like to imitate, so they are
easily affected by Internet violence. Minority groups are easy to be beaten up by a large
number of malicious Internet user because they are outnumbered.
I choose middle-range theory for my research, because the phenomenon of Internet
violence is very common and can be directly observed in the society.
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