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I need help with writing 1 discussion forum posts and replying to 3 classmate’s post and doing 1 lab assignments for this class! 🙂 i will upload all the information in a google drive so you can access the content easily and finish the assignments there 🙂

classmate 1: Effects of Chiropractic Treatment

I chose to research whether there is medical legitimacy to chiropractic treatment in managing lower back pain, neck pain, and in managing other comorbid symptoms that accompany these issues, such as dizziness and headaches. Research has shown evidence that there is medical efficacy of chiropractic treatment in managing pain and comorbidities, yet there has been a lack of significant evidence.

I do believe chiropractic treatment is a legitimate medical practice that can improve lower back pain, neck pain, dizziness, and headaches. Research showed that subjects did improve in their neck and back pain, and in comorbid symptoms when comparing them to control subjects. Although these improvements were not enough to technically be considered statistically significant, I think this lack of significance could be due to both of the studies using pain as a means to measure improvements from treatments. Pain is subjective, and therefore difficult to measure, which I think makes the validity of these studies questionable and could be why the difference between treatment and control groups was not very prominent. It is important to further research chiropractic treatment since it shows potential in managing neck pain, lower back pain, and other comorbid symptoms, and these ailments can affect everyday life in a way that is detrimental to overall well being.

here are the other 2 classmate’s i need u to reply to:

Strength Training in Youth Population

1. The topic that I chose was whether or not strength/resistance straining is beneficial in youth populations

2. I support RT in youth populations.

3. Overall I do see a strong benefit in RT for youth populations. From a physiological stand point RT can be benefical because it can strengthen and increase bone mineral/density, it can also improve motor skills, reduce risk of injury in the future, and also be helpful in combating against diabetes and other metabolic syndromes. All of these benefits are crucial in the long run for the youth can lead a healthy life or they could reach higher levels when it. comes to athletic performances. Psychologically I can also see benefits to starting RT at a young age. RT can help build confidence and adversity. It is normal to fail during RT and as the youth realize that they start to grow with a mindset that failing is normal. As they fail in life they do not just shy away but try to improve and power through. Overall RT is quite beneficial to the youth in many different ways it is just crucial to program a proper and safe way of training so that they do not injure themselves.

classmate 3: Low carb Diet strategies

The topic I chose to further investigate was low carbohydrate diets, which I am interested in, especially sports nutrition as a whole.

2. I am against this diet structure, for a small niche group of people this diet could be effective but for the general population it could be rather unhealthy and potentially dangerous especially because carbohydrates are needed for most human functions.

3. Again, I am very against this diet structure for the general population. I would support this diet for those medically prescribed it because it can have some health benefits for those suffering from epilepsy, however, in the vast majority of cases, these diet structures pose a significant risk to an individual’s health and well-being. My main reason g for being against this diet is that it makes no sense to remove a macronutrient from a diet, especially carbs because they are your body’s main source of fuel and provide energy for your brain, heart, and nervous system to function. In addition to this strict diets like these severely somebody’s ability to eat freely which could in turn lead to disordered eating habits or worse an eating disorder. A third point I would like to point out as to why this diet structure is poor is because once carbohydrates are reintroduced the person usually sees a weight gain whether it be due to water or the body’s metabolism being horrible from the restricted diet. Finally, this diet is typically used to lose weight, in order to lose weight one simply needs a calorie deficit and in order to see permanent weight loss and healthy weight loss one must have a balanced and healthy diet which a low carb diet does not provide.

KIN 100
Discussion 5
Kinesiology Debate
The ability to present a logical set of facts to support a viewpoint is an extremely important
skill. The field of kinesiology is relatively young in comparison to other disciplines and new
concepts that have different viewpoints are discussed frequently. Scientists need to develop
skills to present evidence to support a theory they may be developing.
Debate skills are important for everyone. Parents may argue at a school board meeting what
facilities should be supported in elementary schools. An entry-level scientist may need to
present the facts needed to support the purchase of new equipment. A health care worker may
need to convince an insurance company to support reimbursement for a medical procedure.
This debate activity will help you form a concise and logical case to support a point of view.
Your debate paper should be concise and only 1-2 pages in length.
Discussion Paper Instructions:
Total points = 40 points
You will be required to put together and submit a discussion assignment document (.doc, .docx,
or .pdf file) that includes the following sections.
Your paper should contain the following information
Introduction (10 points)
a. Identify what the debate/research topic is.
b. Give a brief overview of what background information is available. Discuss what
the different sources say about the topic and why it is important.
Pro side (10 points)
a. Give a brief summary of the Pro side of the debate topic. You will need to utilize
at least 2 sources you found that support the debate topic.
b. Identify or explain any ideas or information your source provides to support the
pro side of the argument. Feel free to critique the sources:
i. Is the evidence sufficient, relevant, and representative of the topic?
ii. Are the assumptions valid? Do the conclusions add up?
Con side (10 points)
a. Give a brief summary of the Con side of the debate topic. You will need to utilize
at least 2 sources you found that support the debate topic.
b. Explain any ideas or information your source provides to support the con side of
the argument. Feel free to critique the sources:
i. Is the evidence sufficient, relevant, and representative of the topic?
ii. Are the assumptions valid? Do the conclusions add up?
IV. Summary (10 points)
a. Reinstate the debate/research topic and supporting evidence.
b. Make a stance and illustrate that you have thought critically about the
debate/research topic.
c. The conclusion should tell us why we should care about the topic and the side
you support. What is the significance of your stance?
d. Do not simple restate what you discussed so far. You want to demonstrate that
KIN 100
Discussion 5
Kinesiology Debate
you have critically thought about the debate/research topic.
References/Citations (the points are allocated in the Pro and Con sections)
a. You will need to use in-text citations if you quote any research in the paper.
b. You will need to provide a reference/citations page
c. APA style will be used
Potential Debate Topics: Your debate topic has to be related and fit under the
Kinesiology umbrella. If you are thinking about a debate topic and you are unsure,
check with a teaching assistant or Tom first.
• Should marijuana or THC be used by athletes for pain management?
• Should CBD be used by athletes for pain management?
• Bilateral vs unilateral training for athletes.
• Low Carbohydrate diets for sustained weight loss.
• High Protein diets for performance.
• Should special tests be given to older adults (age >65) in order to keep a driver’s license?
• Is CrossFit dangerous?
• Should professional athletes be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)?
• Is barefoot running beneficial?

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