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Learning Objectives

Use your research and understanding of an organization in order to develop an effective positive-informative message.

Choose a strategic approach for a positive-informative message based on its target audience.

Demonstrate effective goodwill, positive-emphasis, and you-attitude in a positive-informative message.

Purpose and Description

This assignment will allow you to practice the application of audience analysis and positive emphasis while composing an effective informative message (clear, concise, complete, and correct).

For this assignment you will use your selected company/audience from the audience profile assignment to compose a positive, informative message in email format.

You will have creative license to create details like names and dates for your message, but please follow your chosen scenario closely.

Communication Scenario

In whatever business field you will enter, change will occur. Whether that change comes in the form of a company merger, a new software system being put in place, or new mandatory training, the way in which these changes are communicated through a company is essential to their success.

Your superior has charged you with the task of effectively communicating via email to the rest of your company a newly occurring, positive change. The change may be:

The incorporation of new, desired software

A new, shorter login procedure for all office computers

A new discount on company merchandise.

A new company-sponsored gym membership.

You will need to ensure that your message is professional and that it accomplishes the following:

Utilizes the audience focus addressed in the audience profile assignment.

Informs the entire company of the positive news/the most important information. Gives background, details, and clarification of what it will mean for your company.

Presents all information with a positive emphasis.

Explains benefits.

Uses a goodwill ending: positive, personal, and forward-looking.

Your email should also include an informative and positive subject line, a clear and concise organizational pattern (see Ch. 9), and end with an electronic signature.



All company employees

Assignment Components & Expectations

Utilize your research from the audience profile to identify the primary audience.

Demonstrate awareness of audiences other than the primary.

Include all information needed by the audience.

Analyze and apply audience benefits, including audiences other than the primary.

Use of positive emphasis, goodwill, and you-attitude.


Chapter 2: Adapting Your Message to Your Audience

Audience Analysis pg 37-41

Audience Benefits pgs 42-45

Chapter 3: Building Goodwill

You-Attitude pgs 57-60

Positive Emphasis pgs 60-65

Chapter 8: Sharing Informative and Positive Messages

Analysis of the Problem pgs 235-240 & 243

Informative-Positive Message Checklist pg 246

Effective Message Checklist pg 246

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