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Section 2

: A training plan,- Policy on employee security training

Section 5:

Bring-your-own-device policies,

One page each with in text citations

Discuss how an enterprise might be attacked and the type of security device or mechanism that you would select to combat the attack. What would you envision as being the legal, social, and ethical implications of using the security device or mechanism?

Unit 3 ­ Group Project
Assignment Overview
Type: Group Project
Unit: Implementing IT Security Solutions in the Enterprise
Due Date: Tue,8/9/22
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible: 80
Points Earned:
Deliverable Length: See assignment details.
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Assignment Description
Preliminary Group Work: ITCO361 includes a 2­phase group project. Phase 1 occurs during unit 3, where you will collaborate with your team and create a draft version of a
network security policy. In phase 2, which occurs during unit 4, you will refine and improve upon the draft version of the network security policy based on the grading comments
provided on the policy you submitted during unit 3. The draft version must be submitted in Unit 3. The final version is due in Unit 4. The draft must be a complete or almost
complete version because this submission is the bulk of your group assignment points.
Background Scenario:
Your group is working for a global organization that handles highly classified intellectual property. Your team has been tasked with developing a series of important network
security policies that will provide direction and guidance to the organization on important information security issues.
Each group member will choose an element(s) of the policy to research and design. The group will collaborate on what the overall design and outline should look like and include
components from end­user behavior, a training plan, file and folder access, social engineering safeguards, bring­your­own­device policies, use of external drives on company
assets, security hardware, penetration testing, and affiliation of the information security department with law enforcement agencies. Students may either interview someone in the
local FBI field office or research the FBI and DHS Web sites related to information­sharing programs that the government offers; this could be advantageous to the organization’s
information security program.
Assign group members to the sections below, research the various components, and create an appropriate policy.
The final deliverable should be organized in this format.
Cover page with the group name, date, a listing of all group members, and sections of the Policy they contributed. (If no contribution is received, please list their
name and “no contribution.”
Section 1: End­user behavior ­Acceptable Use Policy
Section 2: A training plan,­ Policy on employee security training
Section 3: File and folder access ­Policy on how access and authorization controls
Section 4: Social engineering safeguards, Policy on technical controls, and end­user training to prevent multiple forms of social engineering to include phishing,
spearfishing, whaling­based email attacks, phone call attacks, physical security attacks, and USB devices left in the parking lot attacks.
Section 5: Bring­your­own­device policies,
Section 6: Use of external drives on company assets,
Section 7: Security hardware, penetration testing, Define your Policy for what security hardware will be purchased, how it will be configured, and how often
penetration test and vulnerability assessments will be completed
Section 8: Affiliation of the information security department with law enforcement agencies. This Policy will explain the importance of working with federal law
enforcement authorities in information sharing and incident response of breaches.
References: Citations for all your work in APA version 7 format
Special note: Your team’s network security policy should look exactly like this and be organized in this manner. Please do not add or remove sections. Please do not submit
policy sections individually, as they must all be included within the single group policy.
Resource Material: A link to the SANS Information Security Policy site in included along with samples for intext citation and full reference.
Intext Citation: (SANS, 2021)
1. Prepare a Word document of 7­10 pages (excluding title page and references page) that includes the network security policy for an organization that addresses all of the
stated design requirements.
2. Cover page and reference page are not included in page count. Document formatting, citations, and references must follow APA format. The AIU APA Guide includes
sections for paper formatting, as well as reference and citation examples. For example, 250 words equals one page of content.
3. Save your document with the course, assignment, and your name (i.e., ITCO­361_Unit3_GP_Neo_Anderson.docx). Submit your document for grading. Refer to the grading
rubric for criteria your instructor will use to grade your submission.
3. Save your document with the course, assignment, and your name (i.e., ITCO­361_Unit3_GP_Neo_Anderson.docx). Submit your document for grading. Refer to the grading
rubric for criteria your instructor will use to grade your submission.
Please submit your assignment.
Your assignment will be graded using this rubric.
SANS. (2021, December 29). Security Policy Templates. Retrieved from SANS.Org: https://www.sans.org/information­security­policy
Reading Assignment
Ch. 5
Assignment Objectives
Identify and apply appropriate security mechanism to mitigate threats.
Use a group approach to identify problems and develop solutions based on group consensus.
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Extra Credit
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