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ITM 125
Dr. Fulkerth
Course Project Requirements
Length: the body of the paper, not including title page, abstract or table of contents and
references pages, should be no longer than 5 pages. The paper can be done well if the body of
the paper is 4-5 pages.
You should not discuss more than two problems / solutions.
NOTE: you may address culture change and change management matters as one problem to be
solved if you have experience in those areas. Managing change effectively can have many
components and approaches.
NOTE AGAIN: listing technologies or processes is not enough. For example, don’t just tell me
that an Enterprise Resource Planning system is a good idea. How does such a system work in
general? How will it work in the company? What benefits will it bring? How can the culture and
business processes be improved? What benefits are there for systems to be “in the cloud”
rather than be maintained in-house. You have to understand the technologies, what they do,
how they work, and now they are better than what is now in place.
There is a mental model here, and it’s circular: the top material describes a situation, the body
discusses solutions, and the conclusion reminds us what’s been said and restates the benefits of
believing what you’ve written.
1. Title page, containing proposal title, course # / instructor, and your name
2. Abstract, on a separate page
3. A table of contents is not necessary for a paper of this length, but feel free to include a TOC if
you wish, on a separate page.
4. Body of the paper. See “length” above. The body should include the following
Title restated at top of page 1
Introduction: Description of the setting and 2 problems
Discussion of solutions to the problems
Conclusion: the conclusion can briefly restate the problems, and how your proposed
solutions will address those problems.
5. Reference page
This is not intended to be a research paper, but you will do some “search research” to
find information for the systems or tools you are proposing.
Evaluation Rubric Blo-It case, ITM 125
Dr. Fulkerth
Grade A
The paper is formatted as per the assignment requirements; it is submitted on time
The introduction of the paper briefly summarizes the Blo-It situation, an tells the reader
what the paper will discuss
Spelling and grammar are as per “standard written English”, that is, nearly error free
There is no awkward or ill-considered phrasing; diction (word choice) is appropriate
Pronoun referents are clear
Headings are used appropriately; there are appropriate transitions between paragraphs
The conclusion “closes the circle” for the reader; that is, the conclusion ties back to the
introduction (theme and purpose) of the paper
Grade B
The matters in the “Grade A” section are generally addressed
There may be a few spelling, punctuation, diction, phrasing, pronoun referent errors
The introduction will be less clear in its summary and statement of purpose. There may
be errors of understanding (usually caused by not reading closely) in the Blo-It
company’s situation and current state
Organization of the paper will show signs of haste. Headings and transitions may not be
clear or grammatically appropriate and correct.
The relationship of the introduction and conclusion is less clear
Grade C
The C paper shows signs of haste and last-minute writing and organization.
There will be errors in diction, punctuation, phrasing and pronoun reference.
The purpose of the paper will not be stated, or not stated clearly. The reader will not be
clear about the paper’s purpose from reading the introduction
The paper is not developed well; it shows signs of “draft writing”, that is, the submitted
paper may be an appropriate first draft, but is not appropriate for submission.
There will be numerous errors in formatting.
The relationship of the introduction and conclusion will be unclear, or not present.
Grade D
A defining characteristic of the D paper is evidence of haste.
The format of the paper will only loosely reflect assignment expectations.
Development of the paper is absent or not clear. The reader can sense the writer’s lack
of involvement with the assignment.
There will be numerous errors in expression. The reader may have to reread portions to
get meaning or infer meaning that the writing does not make clear.
There will be numerous errors in diction, spelling, punctuation, and phrasing.
The paper may be submitted late, with no explanation.
Grade F
The paper is not submitted.

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