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Film Response Assignment
The 1993 movie “And the Band Played On” is based on the book of the same name
written by Randy Shilts. The movie will introduce the controversy surrounding HIV/AIDS
at a time when science and culture were at odds. Scientists were determined to identify
the cause and treatment for the disease and stem its spread. Fear dictated much of our
cultural response. Our understanding and response to HIV/AIDS has evolved over the
decades since its identification, but this window into the ethos of the 1980’s will provide
some context about how fear and misinformation impact our response to disease.
Watch the movie before you complete your film response assignment. This movie is
based on a non-fiction book, and you may opt to conduct additional research to identify
references to support your written response. This assignment will provide an opportunity
for students to demonstrate their ability to critically evaluate and communicate complex
ideas effectively in writing. We will use the movie to respond to the following writing
Consider how fear, politics, and capitalism impacted the government’s
approach to handling the epidemic.
Your paper must be 3-4 pages, double spaced, not including references.
All references must be cited in proper APA format, both in text and in a works
cited list. Don’t forget to cite the film itself.
Make sure to summarize the storyline for your audience as well as address each
aspect of the above prompt.
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