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Now you are ready to put together your final recommendations and solutions to the organization for which you have been “hired” to consult.

This paper should be a summary of your entire project; you may incorporate some content from the Week 3 and Week 5 checkpoints and should also incorporate a summary of your theory-backed, research-supported recommendations or solutions for positive change in this workplace.

You may also incorporate visuals, graphs, or anything else you might consider presenting to your organizational “client” as the consultant to make your case. You should imagine that your client will read this paper and want to understand how you have arrived at your assessment of the issues/challenges and why you are proposing the solutions or changes.

Your paper should:

Include a brief organizational assessment and a summary of the attitude- and motivation-related issues you’ve identified:

Identify overall strengths and weaknesses in the organization, as well as the areas within the organization you’ve identified as needing attention in order to drive change to attitudes and motivation in the workplace.

Include any attitude-formation- and motivation-related theories, or research that informed your assessment.

Discuss, explain, and justify your proposed solutions. This section should include:

At least 2 peer-reviewed articles that address the factors you identify as impacting attitudes and motivation in the workplace and/or support your solutions

Any additional research, theories, or tools that support your case.

Your summary of how your proposed solutions are designed to change attitudes, motivate employees, and promote organizational health and growth.

Project Pitch
Lyperior Lovely
PSYC 5450
June 19, 2022
Structure of Organization
• Pionear Recruiting Agency has a structure with diverse managers and leaders.
• The structure is represented by :
• Main office manager
• Finance manger
• Sales department manager
• Technology manager
• Marketing department manager
• Under the managers, there are supervisors and then the organizational workers.
Identified issues/ challenges
• The identified issue is high employee turnover.
• Pionear Recruiting has a high rate of workers quitting their jobs.
• The organization faces the challenge of low rate of retaining workers.
• It offers temporary positions for its workers instead of permanent job opportunities.
• Leaving Pionear Recruiting Agency after a short period of working there has contributed to
bad review of the organization.
• Moe so, the company has an issue of poor hiring behavior.
• The organization offers job opportunities to individual and later do not provide the jobs.
Factors shaping the concerns
• Factors shaping high employee turnover include:
Job stress
Lack of motivation
Job security
Bad attitudes from management
Lack of Employee satisfaction (Bush & peters, 2020).
Toxic work environment
• The factors that contribute to concerns about pay include:
Low wages
Lack of employee remunerations
Unavailability of worker’s benefits
Attitude- and motivation-related theories
• A significant attitude motivation theory is the operant conditioning theory.
• This is a process theory that states that people only perform actions in which they are
• Thus, the high turnover rate in Pionear Recruiting is due to the lack of rewards for jobs.
• The reinforcement theory identifies that individuals can change their behaviors in the
presence of a reinforcement.
• The other theory is Alderfer’s ERG theory (Badubi, 2017).
• ERG identifies that to find meaning in existence, relatedness, and growth. Workers will work
effectively if these needs are met.
• Strategies for solving the issue in the organization are:
• Investing in human capital
• Increasing employee profits and benefits
• Enhancing employee well-being
• Providing high employee salaries and wages
• Increasing employee involvement in the organization (Al-Suraihi et al., 2021).
• These strategies are important for promoting employee satisfaction
• Additionally, the recommendations contribute to increased employee motivation.
• This in turn results into high productivity
Al-suraihi, W. A., Siti, A., & Ibrahim, I. (2021). Employee Turnover: Causes, Importance and Retention
Strategies. European Journal of Business Management and Research, 6(3), 1-10.
Badubi, R.M. (2017). Theories of Motivation and Their Application in Organizations: A Risk Analysis.
International Journal of Management Science and Business Administration, 3(3), 44-51.
Bush, C. & Peters, T. (2020). The Demotivated Employee: Helping Leaders Solve the Motivation Crisis That Is
Plaguing Business. Advantage Media Group.
Week 4: Project Brief
Lyperior Lovely
MGMT 6150
June 7, 2022
Project Brief
The organization I selected to work on is Peabody Recruiting Agency. The company is a
staffing agency that focuses on connecting employees with organizations. Peabody Recruiting
operates by allowing job candidates to post their qualifications, and organizations to post their
requirements, which helps in creating matches. The purpose of the company is to motivate
individuals and provide an opportunity for career growth. Roles and responsibilities include
creating long-lasting connections between qualified personnel and diverse organizations.
Peabody Recruiting Agency’s goals are to promote career growth and enhance a culture
of employing high-qualified personnel in organizations. The company’s mission is to be a
leading agency in providing mentorship, training, resources, and opportunities for job and career
growth. Its vision is to be a global organization that relies on integrity, trust, and honesty to
create long-term relationships with candidates and organizations. This is by creating a platform
that is reliable in connecting clients o job seekers. The number of employees in the agency is
approximately 450 workers.
The current issue that Peabody Recruiting Agency is facing is high employee turnover.
Workers in the main office tend to quit their job within short periods of working in the company.
The workers feel that they are not acquitted to work under the conditions specified in the
organization. According to Al-Suraihi et al. (2021), causes of high employee turnover include
factors such as job stress, job security, lack of motivation, low wages, and work environment.
The organization is currently being affected significantly as most of the workers quit. More so,
the management in the main office fire workers who go against the company’s operations. This
reduces results into employee demotivation, affecting their performance (Bush & Peters, 2020).
The issue of employee turnover is affecting Peabody Recruiting significantly since most clients
are unable to trust the agency with connecting them to candidates. More so, job seekers feel that
the agency will not meet their needs for connecting them with reliable employers. Thus, the issue
of high employee turnover is a challenge that has diverse impacts on the agency.
Al-suraihi, W. A., Siti, A., & Ibrahim, I. (2021). Employee Turnover: Causes, Importance and
Retention Strategies. European Journal of Business Management and Research, 6(3), 110.
Bush, C. & Peters, T. (2020). The Demotivated Employee: Helping Leaders Solve the Motivation
Crisis That Is Plaguing Business. Advantage Media Group.

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