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Attending CBU
Institution Affiliation
Why do you want to attend CBU? Describe in 2000 characters
Attending CBU is an opportunity to expand and integrate my Christian faith with my
career goals. CBU’s mission is to make people Christ-centered professionals whose service and
commitment aim to glorify God (CBU, n.d.). Hence, CBU’s mission relates to my faith because I
come from a strict Christian household and culture that revolves around the church’s teachings.
My family raised me with a Christ-centered mindset, and my actions are guided and judged by
Catholic Church and its doctrine. As a spiritual person, I strongly believe in the power of God
and life’s higher purpose. Upon my research, I found that CBU’s mission was what truly aligned
with my beliefs and life goals. Also, CBU’s mission focuses on producing globally-minded
graduates who can serve any population. Hence, I want to attend CBU to acquire skills that will
help me impact the world through quality healthcare services and the Biblical Christian faith.
One area of the CBU’s vision is establishing clinics in areas that are medically
underserved (CBU, n.d.). Despite having Christian faith, I come from an underserved community
whose rural geographic infrastructures consist of limited healthcare facilities. Hence, one of my
long-term goals has been to work and serve areas experiencing health care shortages within
California and other states. CBU has several goals, and one of these goals is to help graduates
give back to their communities through humanitarian service for local and global clients (CBU,
n.d.). I once volunteered in community services and helped youths in my community to stop and
prevent alcohol consumption and drug abuse. Since I have a diverse humanitarian background, I
can help different racial groups, cultures, and ethnicities. After completing my academic
program at CBU, I will bring physical and spiritual comfort to people who do not have access to
health care. Besides, after attending CBU, I will become a good team player because one of its
goals is to help graduates offer interprofessional health care through collaboration.
California Baptist University [CBU]. (n.d.). Mission, Vision and Goals.

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