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Identify a public health professional in a location and career that interests you.

Create a plan for contacting backups and getting the assignment done on time.

Submit the completed worksheet (which will include the text from your email) in the drop box below.

Assignment instructions and worksheet

This assignment is worth 20 points and focuses on MLO2. You will be graded based on the completeness of the attached worksheet and clarity of writing.

Ask the Pros Assignment 1: Planning
Fill out below and submit to Blackboard.
For this guided networking assignment, you will identify a public health professional (a pro) in a
field that is interesting to you, or you will identify a pro in a research/education setting in a
graduate school program that is interesting to you.
You will be asking this pro five questions about their work. Aim for open-ended questions. It is
up to you to craft your five questions, but they must be relevant to this person’s work.
Planning is crucial to this assignment! You absolutely must have a response from someone by
the time your unit presentation is due. Fill in the table below with a timeline. Consider how
much time you should leave between emails and reminders. Hope for the best, but prepare for
the worst! Create a timeline for contacting five professionals in case you do not hear back from
This assignment is worth 20 points and will be graded on the completeness and accuracy of the
worksheet below. Points will be deducted for missing portions, vague portions and
spelling/grammar errors. I will also take off points if the pro is in your immediate family, as this
defeats the purpose of networking.
It seems difficult to plagiarize on this assignment? But still, any assignment containing
plagiarism will receive a 0.
 Find people you have met before (instructors, guest lecturers, former bosses or
 Alternatively, find people in your network who are secondary contacts (friends’ parents,
coworkers’ cousins, aunts’ coworkers).
 If you still cannot find anyone you immediately know or know through another person,
consider looking for alumni with interesting jobs (link) or finding people through
 Find people who are less likely to be swamped. While I think CEOs should take the time
to answer your questions, you may to run into issues if you are picking executives or
deans for this project as they are more likely to be busy.
 If you are interested in a grad school faculty member, look up their profile on their
university’s website to learn about their recent projects and publications.
 Give yourself plenty of time.
 Be courteous, professional and thank this person for their time.
 Do not misspell the person’s name or company/school name.
 Do not use the wrong salutation (i.e. if they are a doctor, do not use “Mr.”).
Timeline Planner
Date I will send
my first email
Date I will send a
reminder email
My first choice (Pro 1):
My first backup (Pro 2):
My second backup (Pro 3):
My third backup (Pro 4):
My fourth backup (Pro 5):
Project Planner
Date the project is due:
Date I will finish the project:
Number of days I need to
compile a PowerPoint:
Date by which I should have my
responses from my pro:
Fill in the following:
1. What is the likelihood each pro will respond to you? Consider the following: Have you met before? Do you suspect this
person has free time to answer emails? Is this person in your network (perhaps you don’t know them personally, but they
know another contact of yours)?
2. What will you do if none of these five people respond? Describe a backup plan here.
3. Your introductory email to the first pro (paste the text of your email here):
4. Describe the process you intend to follow for contacting the pros. For instance, some students send an introductory email,
then an email with their five questions later on. Other students send an email and ask for a phone call. What steps do you
plan to take for your pros?

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