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< Final Argumentative Research Essay... Final Argumentative Research Essay For your final project you are to write a 5-7 pass double spaced essay that argues 3cmers maar mints and presents an argument. Thus, you are to choose an argumentative topic you get approved by me or you can choose a safe topic from the list of topics I distributed in class Canvas In your essayage 3 or more major points and show both sides of the argument (Remember to set the essay up as a Classical Argument the type of argument style I taught you in class). Besides making three or more major points, your points need to be supported with goods and paraphrases from at least five peer reviewed sources-DATABASE SOURCES that means only books and articles from the library databases NO ENCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES from the databases (Remember, encyclopedia articles are NOT PDFs, do not have a Works Cited page, and often just present information with categories). Your essay also needs to have a works cited as set up MLA style NOTE: You may use more sources as long as you use your 5 peer reviewed sources Essay Specifics: You also need to use at least 1 block quote - a quote over 4 lines) • 3 or more peer reviewed sources. All sources should be quotes or paraphrased at least one time in the essay. That means all sources will appear on a works cited page. • Works Cited page set up MLA style. (Remember, that means that ALL sources on the Works Cited page need to he cited in the essay at least 1 time) • Font should be no larger than 12 pt. • 1 inch margins • MLA header • Remember, you can NOT use in this essay or YOU. USE Third person voice Final essay and works cited page due with research and process 1 invention dec. of choice, 1 peer edit draft, and all sources printed either Comell Notes OR color coded or annotated NOTE: Your 5 arcs are due found, read, annotated, and annotated bibliography created by December NO LATE ESSAYS ACCEPTED. Good Luck Purchase answer to see full attachment

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