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Submit your completed sociological write-up of an urban subculture in the format of a simple magazine layout illustrated with a few photos you took during your observations. You should not worry about exactly how many pages the assignment needs to be. If you set out to earnestly answer all of the sociological guiding questions (in the provided outline) based on field site observations, interviews (or questionnaires), and some significant background research, you will end up with a substantial paper. Incorporating and explaining 10 key terms (plus a few associated sociological thinkers) into your writing will likewise add substantive material to your written project.

In the examples, please notice how:

The paper is organized by putting the five Outline sections in bold font (i.e., “Introduction,” “Analysis,” “Research,” etc.), thereby creating five sections for the essay. Each of the five essay sections should comprise your responses to the relevant sociological guiding questions that are provided in the Outline.

TEN key terms are defined in original wording (to demonstrate understanding of their meaning and significance) and are used logically throughout the paper where appropriate. Terms are in bold font to stand out (terms only). At least TWO of your explanations need to mention SOCIOLOGICAL THINKERS associated with that term (that we covered in class; I put names in parenthesis next to the appropriate terms in the provided list to make this part a little easier to do.

The paper is illustrated with original photos taken while student was visiting a fieldsite (as well as additional historical images obtained through the Internet) and creatively formatted like a magazine article (single-spaced text in two columns, pictures and other graphics, a cover page, etc.). Original photos are documentation of your fieldwork experiences.

In-text citations are provided where paraphrased research material is incorporated into the body of the paper (and citations match complete bibliographic information in the Works Cited list at the end of the paper). In-text citations and Works Cited list are formatted to MLA guidelines (this is very easy to do).

In-text citations are provided where paraphrased class material from the modules is incorporated into the body of the paper. (Module page info does not need to be listed in the Works Cited).

In-text citations and Works Cited list are formatted to MLA guidelines (this is very easy to do).

The writing style for the Midterm Project should be like an interesting article that you might see in a mainstream magazine such as

Rolling Stone


Vanity Fair

. These types of articles are organized, edited and informational, but they are written in an enjoyable, colorful narrative style.

Your paper needs to be structured according to the OUTLINE and clearly divided into five sections (i.e., “Introduction,” “Research,” “Analysis,” etc.). Put the section title in bold letters to separate each section in your essay.

Each section of your paper will be comprised of your responses to the provided SOCIOLOGICAL GUIDING QUESTIONS provided in the Outline (plus you can add your own questions on top of those if you like).

Each of the guiding questions (contained within the five outline sections) should be answered with a couple of strong paragraphs, though depending on how much material you were able to gather, some questions will be answered in greater depth than others.

You do NOT need to write out the guiding questions in each section, though some find it helpful to do so; it’s up to you. Just make sure you clearly address the appropriate subject matter for the questions (it should be obvious to me which questions you are addressing).

TEN key terms from the provided list need to be logically incorporated throughout your paper and used in such a way that it is clear to the reader (me) that you understand the terms well. Terms need to be explained / defined in original wording.

Terms need to be in bold print (but only the first time they are used).

You are welcome to define the terms in footnotes if you like (instead of within the paragraph), but either way, the definitions need to be your unique explanation to demonstrate your understanding of them. How would you explain the term to a friend who is unfamiliar with its meaning?

Specific module content, research data, and interview material need to be summarized in your own words. Please, no direct quotes unless it’s something so perfect that it needs to be included as such.

LA 359 Midterm Project RUBRIC
Key Terms
Exceeds Expectations
Meets Expectations
Does Not Meet Expectations
Introduction: First page explains reasons why
the topic group was selected, distinct
characteristics that make it a subculture, and
research methods used for the project.
Introduction provided, but some of the guiding
questions for this section were either not
addressed well or not addressed at all.
Introduction either was not provided or does
not adequately address all of the guiding
questions for this section.
Body: Paper is informative, well-written, and
properly organized. Considerable analysis of
fieldwork, research, interview, and class
material is evident. All or most of the provided
outline guiding questions are comprehensively
and substantially addressed. Project reveals a
strong effort.
Paper generally well-written, informative, and
organized. Most of the guiding questions
contained in the outline are adequately
addressed, but further analysis and elaboration of
field work and research findings in some areas
would have produced a more robust body of
content. Project reveals a moderate effort.
Main body of the paper addresses only some
(or none) of the provided guiding questions
contained in the outline. Overall content lacks
the depth and substance anticipated for a fiveweek research assignment. Paper does not
reveal a strong effort in collecting and
analyzing research/fieldwork data.
Analysis: Student’s findings are competently
compared with functionalism, conflict, and
social determinism theories to elicit broader
Student findings are sufficiently compared with
functionalism, conflict, and social determinism
Student findings are insufficiently compared
with functionalism, conflict, and social
determinism theories (or not at all).
Conclusion provided.
Conclusion either not provided or findings
inadequately summarized.
Original Photos: Researcher has included firsthand photos documenting field work
First-hand photos provided, but do not
adequately document fieldwork experiences.
No original, first-hand photographic images
At least TEN (10) key class terms from the
provided list are incorporated into paper and
in bold fonts to stand out from the rest of the
Terms are incorporated into paper but less than
the requisite amount of 10 and/or some terms not
from the provided list and/or terms not presented
in bold fonts as required.
Few or no terms from the provided list are
incorporated into the paper as required.
At least TWO (2) of the term explanations
mention sociological/academic thinkers
associated with them, including their
Sociological/academic thinkers associated with
specific terms were mentioned, but their
significance or relation not clearly explained.
Sociological/academic thinkers associated with
specific terms were mentioned but not
explained, or not mentioned at all.
LA 359 Midterm Project CRITERIA
Organization, and
Terms are clearly explained in original wording
when used to demonstrate understanding.
Terms are explained or defined but not always
clearly and/or in original wording.
Most terms are poorly/incorrectly used or
missing. Definitions plagiarized or not provided
at all.
Terms are used in a natural, logical manner
and in the correct context.
Some terms unclear or not used in the proper
Terms seem haphazardly inserted and/or not
used in a logical manner.
Quality of Material: Relevant, substantive
historical, demographical, and background
information incorporated to supplement field
work data.
background information incorporated to
supplement field work data but more/stronger
material is needed.
No or inadequate historical, demographical,
and background information incorporated to
supplement field work data.
Paraphrasing: Research data was summarized
into writer’s original wording.
Research data largely summarized into original
wording, but some copied material evident.
Material copied and pasted (with some words
changed) or plagiarized (could result in an F).
In-Text Citations: Proper MLA-style in-text
citations were provided in the body of the
paper wherever summarized research material
was used.
In-text citations were provided in most places
research was incorporated (missing in some areas
where needed) and/or citations not correctly
formatted to MLA guidelines.
Citation usage inadequate and/or not correctly
formatted and/or not provided at all
Plagiarism could result in F for entire project
depending on severity.
Works Cited: A Works Cited page lists all
sources used and is formatted to MLA
Works Cited page was provided but not formatted
correctly to MLA guidelines.
Works Cited page formatting is substandard or
not provided at all.
Sources: At least 2–3 valid sources (not
amateur blogs or encyclopedias) employed.
Not all sources employed valid for college-level
research (such as encyclopedias or blogs).
Sources irrelevant, inadequate, or not provided
at all.
Layout: Paper formatted as a basic magazine
article with text in two columns and relevant
photos/graphics inserted throughout.
Paper formatted, but more photos/graphics
needed and/or text not in two columns and/or
does not reveal much effort put into it.
Paper is barely/not formatted as a basic
magazine article layout.
Cover Page: Separate cover page contains title
of project, student name, and contains a
graphic image (photo or artwork).
Separate cover page provided, but project title,
student name and/or a graphic image (photo or
artwork) is missing.
Paper is clearly structured according to the
provided outline, and each of the five parts
(Introduction, Research, Fieldwork, Analysis
and Conclusion) are distinct with section
Paper is somewhat structured according to the
outline. Five sections may not be easily
identifiable and/or section headings not
Paper not clearly structured according to the
outline. Five sections not identifiable and paper
not properly organized. Section headings not
presented and/or headings not in bold fonts.
Essay does not reveal a suitable writing and
editing process; quite a few distracting
LA 359 Midterm Project CRITERIA
headings in bold fonts.
presented and/or heading not in bold fonts.
Grammar/Spelling: Essay reveals a careful
writing and editing process, and contains very
few grammar/spelling errors.
Essay reveals a moderate writing and editing
process; some minor grammar/spelling errors are
TurnItIn.com Submission: As instructed, work
was submitted to TurnItIn.com, and a PDF copy
of the Originality Report was posted to the
assignment topic in the LMS.
As instructed, work was submitted to
TurnItIn.com, but a PDF copy of the Originality
Report was NOT posted to the assignment topic in
the LMS. (5 percent deduction)
grammar/spelling errors are noticeable.
Work was NOT submitted to TurnItIn.com, and
a PDF copy of the Originality Report was NOT
submitted to the assignment topic in the LMS.
(10 percent deduction)
The first is the seventh census data finally released, China’s total
population of 1.41178 billion.
This is an increase of 5.38% over the sixth National census in 2010,
with an average annual growth rate of 0.53%, 0.04 percentage points
lower than the average annual growth rate of 0.57% from 2000 to
This shows that China’s population has maintained a low growth trend
in the past 10 years.
By gender, the percentages are:
Male percentage: 51.24%
Percentage of women: 48.76%
You can see that the ratio of men to women is still out of balance,
which is about the same as in 2010, but slightly better.
By age group, the proportion is as follows:
Age 0-14:17.95% (2010:16.6%)
Percentage aged 15-59:63.35% (70.14% in 2010)
60 + share: 18.7% (2010 13.26%)
Note: 13.50% of them are over 65
The rise in the proportion of children shows the effect of the two-child
policy. At the same time, the aging of population is further deepening,
and the long-term balanced development of population will continue to
face pressure in the future.
The international standard for a country or region to enter an aging
society is that the population over 60 years old accounts for 10% of
the total population, or the population over 65 years old accounts for
7% of the total population.
Simply put, the only people who can earn money for their families are
those aged 15-59. The person that earns money in the home is little,
the person that spends money is much, no wonder these two years
are more “coil” more fierce.
Speaking of volumes, this brings us to our next set of numbers.
The number of registered food delivery personnel on Meituan takeout
platform alone reached nearly 10 million. Add in the other platforms,
and there’s no problem with over 10 million people.
In other words, one in 140 Chinese people, regardless of age or
gender, is delivering food.
In the 15-59 age group alone, an average of one in 89 people delivers
You know, men and women, cities and villages, health and disability,
education, all of them.
I don’t know about you, but I’m a little surprised.
Why all the sudden talk about delivery men? This is because recently,
a deputy office-level official in Beijing experienced the experience of a
day as a food delivery worker, and earned only 41 yuan for 12 hours.
He nearly broke down.
Later in the government and peace talks, we learned this number:
nearly 10 million delivery drivers.
In fact, delivery workers, including delivery boys, have long been a
social problem that can not be ignored. The difference is that, in the
early days, they often appeared as a kind of order breakers: running
red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road, disobeying traffic
Since last year’s article “Takeaway Riders, stuck in the system”, they
have become the object of popular sympathy, the epitome of capitalist
I believe that the people who choose to make a living in Foxconn,
which was once criticized as a sweatshop, or Meituan Didi Ele. me,
must be the best solution based on their own situation.
As the salesman said in the above video program, “Freedom and
more money”; They are willing to choose, you can say love.
Even when Director Wang said to help them fight for the rest of the
power, they have said that do not need, time is precious, to make
However, there is another important difference between the delivery
boy in the video and the JINGdong delivery boy.
Takeout Boy belongs to labor outsourcing, and there is no labor
contract relationship with Meituan and Ele. me. The platform will not
pay for their social security.
Jingdong Courier is an employee, and jingdong pays social security
for him. This is often east brother out to tell, I think we already know.
So how to solve the basic security of delivery personnel? The video
also has an answer: deduct $3 from your daily income to buy a
commercial insurance policy.
We calculate it as a month’s rest per year (in fact, I’m afraid I don’t
want to take such a long rest), and the annual premium is 3 yuan *335
days =1005 yuan.
We also took a commercial casualty insurance, and found it was at
least a third cheaper.
18-45 years old: 480 Yuan/year
46-55 years old: 699 Yuan/year
We can save 300 yuan per person per year, 10 million people is 3
billion premiums.
1.4 billion people enjoy a convenient life thanks to more than 10
million delivery attendants. But they are even basic security is difficult
to guarantee, sincerely hope that the platform can effectively solve
their social security problems.
At the very least, let them buy commercial insurance not “so
According to previous statistics, a certain proportion of delivery
attendants have a college degree or above; There is also a joke that
employees of Internet companies can only deliver food after being laid
off at the age of 35.
You and me, among 1.4 billion people, may one day ride a scooter to
deliver food.
Senior intellectuals are involved in social affairs, while the majority of
lower-level people choose to remain silent: without the support of
educational background and background, it seems that all road signs
point to: only knowledge can change destiny.
The delivery boy works more than 10 hours a day, which is similar to
the salary of ordinary clerks, but he has to face the hot weather, wind
and rain. The worse the weather, the higher the achievement of
delivery orders. The delivery clerk’s time is all consumed, unable to
improve their own time and ability. In some big cities, it is common to
see female delivery attendants, who are not discriminated against.
Attitude is often emphasized in all walks of life, from high to low,
because it concerns human nature; Attitude is the final strong.
It was reported that most of them are postgraduates. In fact,
postgraduates can work in domestic work units with such a degree.
Timely delivery workers are highly educated and also come to
experience life or have their own stable income and work part-time. To
get back to the point, sometimes a delivery man who gives a bad
review will be punished, and many news reports have reported
conflicts between delivery men and customers. It doesn’t matter what
anyone says about the delivery man or the customer, because the
capitalists are the ones doing the violence. Why don’t delivery
companies reform, since they are already so rich, but also keep
exploiting. Assuming that the delivery company is made into a public
institution, how much money will the boss have to invest in the
delivery workers, who have a stable high income and have more time
and money to do meaningful things. Customers can also make better
use of their lunch. The anchor point of all this is the boss, system
problems can achieve a number of people can also be a scourge of
batch of people, you know why not so implementation? Because of
the high labor time and value of income extracted in this way, the
delivery man is a product of The Times and may be replaced by
intelligent in a few decades. But we live in this age to do things that
How often have you been told that you can’t change the world, so you
have to adapt. Often, this sentence comes from the bottom of the
family, they have the money or power to change things, or even a
person’s life. So when you hear it often enough, it’s time to change.
But how do delivery workers change, learn to improve, what do they
do? Don’t laugh. Time is exploited to the point where it becomes a
shell when you get home. Only sleep time, most of them in order to
earn money for the family, have long adapted to give a meal to eat
without crying life.
Where is the exit? Dare not say the best result, the capitalist changed
the system of selling staff, in fact, is exploiting themselves, so willing?
Delivery clerk low threshold, high mobility, is to maximize profits. Not
for human comfort
If you don’t work, you have no financial resources. If you don’t have a
meal, you don’t have a meal. Who will talk to you about dreams and
how to improve the quality of life? The infinite loop is what’s so
awesome about this thing, it’s so tight. If you want to make more
money, you have to run more orders, and if you want to run more
orders, you have to be in it 24 hours a day.
Quality and literacy and academic qualifications to the character is not
linked, really linked to the interests of humanity. That brings us to
education, but I’ll leave that for another time.
This makes the delivery man fall into the “inner volume” of the high
class, roll their own time, roll their own almost after all. The delivery
man is also the result of other rolls. In order to develop both the
person and the event must choose to break the cycle, once the cycle
occurs the thing is on the way to death. It’s like a man’s daily cycle is
to die. Let’s just shout out the voice of the underclass. I wish you good
health and good luck because you can’t afford to be sick.
The platform economy, exemplified by the outsourcing industry,
creates an algorithmic illusion of an invisible working environment with
visible workers.
From the perspective of labor sociology, and traditional manufacturing
Compared to take-out distribution is basically an admittance threshold
low work, without too much skill, platform also don’t need to invest too
much training costs, basic can work a long time, however, in the
manufacturing, production and reproduction of the time limit is strict
rules, but in the platform of economic work and spare time boundary is
fuzzy, The platform’s salary system is based on the number of orders
delivered. On the surface, riders can choose whether to enter or leave
the job and how long they spend online each day. However, according
to the platform’s algorithmic logic, earning a high salary means more
time online, more meals delivered, and higher rating scores, which will
undoubtedly compress the rider’s time for labor reproduction.
Therefore, although there is no assembly line that tangible production
management system, but the rider is always in the algorithm system °
There is no real freedom under the supervision and control of.
People can see delivery riders crossing the streets anytime and
anywhere, but the essential nature of the work is actually ignored,
which creates, as Teacher Xu Hui said, the illusion of visible workers
and invisible working environment.
First, the rider’s job is highly atomized, even marginal.
It can be seen from the article that mainstream food delivery platforms
design a strict hierarchical reward system for riders, which determines
cash rewards and grade upgrades according to riders’ work
performance and ability. On the surface, there is no obvious
competition between riders, but under this set of incentive system,
Riders’ ranking by number of deliveries, distance ridden and number
of good reviews can lead them to engage in what labor sociologist
John Bloway calls a rush game, which increases orders and lengthens
working hours. In addition to the reward system, the platform also
designed a SET of KPI assessment mechanism to regulate the work
behavior and performance of riders.
In this punishment system, any violation will be deducted points, and
deducted points will be deducted, more points deducted will affect the
order, it can be said that the rider is in a weak position, can only
passively accept. The appeal verification mechanism of the platform is
limited to the overtime subsidy caused by the slow delivery of food by
the merchants, and there is no mechanism to effectively coordinate
and deal with the disputes between the riders and the platform.
In addition to platforms and businesses, consumers are the object of
riders’ face-to-face contact and service. Consumers can see riders’
pickup orders and riding routes, urge and cancel orders, and evaluate
riders’ work results. In order to maintain its own service quality and
improve the stickiness of consumers, the platform pursues the
principle of user first and attaches great importance to the evaluation
of consumers, so it designs a set of emotional norms to deal with the
relationship with consumers. However, the information presented to
consumers and riders on the platform is asymmetric.
+ attention
Once a rider gets a bad rating due to overtime or other reasons, even
if it is a random or wrong spot by the consumer, the platform will
automatically start the scoring deduction mechanism for the rider,
which will be judged by the system and the bad rating result cannot be
eliminated, which further deepens the rider’s vulnerable position.
Although the delivery service is often a short-term one-time action, in
order to avoid bad reviews, riders need to pay extra emotional labor
from the moment they receive the order, communicate with users in
the delivery process, and reduce mutual understanding and even
conflict caused by the delivery order, route selection, and getting lost.
Second, labor relations in a platform economy are unstable.
For those riders who take delivery delivery as their full-time job, the
platform is their only source of livelihood, which means that riders are
completely dependent on the platform, and riders are often fined for
points or even banned for various reasons, and their life will be in
trouble. Although fines have long been used as punishment in
manufacturing, monthly deductions cannot exceed 20 percent of a
worker’s monthly salary, according to the law. If the residual wage
after deduction is lower than the local monthly minimum wage
standard, it shall be paid according to the minimum wage standard.
However, at present, the platform is too careful for riders, resulting in
a bad customer review often wiped out a week of work, therefore, the
platform’s punishment rules need to be reviewed and adjusted in
accordance with the existing legal norms.
Besides, outsourcing agents are only willing to pay social security or
purchase life accident insurance for riders who have more than one
year, except for those who have social security. Crowdsourcing riders
can only bear their own risks. Due to the complexity and uncertainty of
road conditions, the job of the rider is actually very dangerous. If there
is no industrial injury insurance once a traffic accident occurs, the
impact on livelihood and life is very serious.
Under the existing labor law framework in China, labor relations, labor
dispatch and individualization have different applicable scenarios.
However, the fuzzy employment relations in platform economy make
platform enjoy the largest control power for riders, but bear the
minimum responsibility, which obviously does not accord with the
principle of proportion.

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