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Some of you have never
heard of APA style and are used to MLA style when it comes to citing.
While any type of proper citing is a must for all college-level work
(you do not want to get in trouble for plagiarism even if you didn’t
mean to), as a student in this course you are required to learn and
execute proper APA style.

For this assignment, I have provided you with a peer-reviewed journal
article in this week’s module: Sex Specific Effects of Music Listening
on Couples’ Stress in Everyday Life

You must use this source for this assignment.

Step 1: Include the

full APA style citation

for the scholarly article.

Step 2: In at least 150 words, but no more than 300 words,
state the main points and impactful findings of the aforementioned
article with an

APA-style in-text citation

[Hint: this is different from the full citation and the format is
straightforward (Author(s) last name(s), Year of publication)]. Your
sentences must be well structured with the use of proper grammar and
spelling. They must be in your own words instead of using direct or
partial quoting. Make sure to only use a third-person point of view
because you are summarizing someone else’s research/findings.

Altogether, your summary for the article should be at least 150 words.

Step 3: In a separate paragraph answer the following questions
in at least five sentences or more: What about APA style writing is
difficult for you? What would help you become comfortable with this
style? What can you do to improve writing and citing in this style?

Here is an example for you of what is expected:

Notice the full APA style citation at the very top of the document
and below it is a summary of 169 words: .12 font, double spaced, in
Times New Roman. Also, take note that a third-person point of view was
maintained throughout and there are no direct quotes used. The in-text
citation includes “et al” (Latin for “and others”) because this is a
term used in APA style writing when the source has more than two

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