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Questions to answer if you choose A: Teratogen Research Project

You will be writing a paper about the effects of



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exposure during pregnancy and its later effects on the developing child. You can pick a teratogen from among those mentioned in the textbook or you can choose your own. “Surf the Web” to find brief answers to the following questions. Use reliable websites and information, such as those coming from universities, hospitals or reputable organizations, such as the March of Dimes.

Type the question prior to typing the answer.

Which teratogen did you choose and why?

What are the potential short-term & long-term effects of this teratogen on the fetus AND developing person( after birth)?

Has this teratogen become more or less of a problem in recent years (perhaps a result of technological changes, educational awareness, social changes or other reasons?) Explain the reasons for this change.

What steps can prospective parents take to minimize the effects of this teratogen?

State the Internet addresses (URL’s ) of two relevant web sites ( only hospitals, gov websites, or journals)  that you used to gather information for this project.

Did you type each question? Did you use websites that I mentioned above? Did you use your own words? If you do cut and paste job , you will get zero points. If you use websites that are not from hospitals, gov or journals you will get zero points.

Questions to answer if you choose B  Evaluating Toys Research Project

Your task is to study toys for children

within two of the following age ranges:

0-2, 3-6, 7-11 years old.

Select one toy for each of your selected  two age ranges

(you will be using and researching a total of TWO TOYS ), which you think will meet the developmental needs for a child within that age group range.

For example, for the age range 0-2 years, you might decide to choose age 6 months and select a toy which is developmentally appropriate for that age.

You can find the toys at a toy store, which will require you to examine the toy and take notes (you don’t need to buy the toy). However, you can also access the toys by borrowing them from a friend or relative or you might have them at your home or you might do the search for choosing and selecting toys online.

Type the questions below and answer them:

What is the name and age group of your selected toy? How does the child play with it or use it?

Which domains of development,

Physical ( fine and/or motor skills) Cognitive ( language, cause/effect actions, etc..j , and/or social and emotional development

is your toy designed to stimulate? It may be more than one domain. 3.1 How are those developmental domains are stimulated  by the toy? Be specific ( Make sure to include  the example for each of the domains. Example: Fine motor skills: Child will need to use the whole hand to grasp a small ball. Cognitive: Child will need to find the right puzzle piece. Social: Child will pretend  to talk on the phone by saying…..

Are there any poorly designed aspects of the toy, such as not being age-appropriate, potential dangers, not being challenging enough, etc.

Does this toy show a gender preference which will support gender stereotypes? Or this is a gender-neutral toy? Explain your answers.

Include an image for each of the toys.

Did you  copy and type each question? Did you include an image for each of the toys?

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