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The purpose of this assignment, completed weekly, is to allow you to examine, analyze and share your perceptions of the experiences of people with disabilities, their portrayal in the public media, and some of the services provided to them.  Each week’s fieldwork relates to the current or a recent topic discussed in class.

This week:

In this fieldwork, you will reflect and share your thoughts about what you feel a person with disabilities encounters and should have access to when they are participating in a recreational activity or traveling.


The purpose of this discussion is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course / in school / in this field / in professional life beyond school:

MLO #5.2: Explore the breadth, nature and types of social, leisure and recreation activities available to people with disabilities.


This discussion will also help you to become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:

Course Objective 3:

Examine the individual and collective contribution of family, work, independent living and education on the quality of life and life-long outcomes of people with disabilities.


Before you respond to this prompt, read the following article:

Common Barriers to Participation Experienced by People with Disabilities


Now, respond to the following prompts:

Independence, and freedom of movement are critical to the lives of people with disabilities. This includes opportunities to attend community events, use recreation facilities, and access other public facilities uses for social or relaxation purposes.  Think about how often you see people with disabilities at these sites. What do you see, and how do these sites accommodate people with disabilities?

Each of us has a favorite activity we engage in.  For some, it’s hiking, or swimming, or skiing, or another sport.  For others, it’s crafts or working on an old car. I love to travel, and to play softball.  Think about what your favorite sport, recreational activity or travel destination. What or where is it? Discuss your favorite or favorites, and why you like it/them so well.  Then, try to imagine engaging in the activity if you have a disability. How would a mobility, vision or hearing disability impact your ability to participate, and what adaptations do you think you’d need?  Could you even continue to participate? What would change if you had a cognitive disability?

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