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Centre for Business
School of Management
Business Law
Professor: Sarah Levy
Assignment #2
Due: 11:59pm August 10th 2022
This assignment asks you to answer 5 short answer questions based upon the
following fact pattern:
Ted’s Fruit Wholesalers sold several hundred pounds of fruit to Caroline’s Cider
House Ltd. After several months, Caroline’s had still not made payment on its
purchases. Caroline’s, did not dispute its liability. Caroline, “the controlling
mind, sole officer, and director,” explained that Caroline’s simply could not pay
the bill. Caroline claimed that Ted’s contract was with Caroline’s Cider House
Ltd. And not Caroline.
For one of the questions, you are to reference the case E.M. Plastics v. Abby Signs
and Lardeur, 2009 BCPC 18 in your answer. You will find the case summary
posted with the assignment instructions on BlackBoard.
This assignment is worth 15% of your final mark. Each question is equally
weighted at 20%. All answers should be typed, in full sentences and 1.5 spaced.
You will be graded on the quality of your writing and reasoning.
Each answer should be between 150-300 words. Focus on what is asked of you in
the question. All answers will be evaluated based upon the rubric that has been
posted to Blackboard.
All assignments are to be submitted via Blackboard.
This is an individual assignment. Your answers must be your own work (see:
https://coned.georgebrown.ca/policies/plagiarism-academic-honesty/) No direct
quotes or citations should be used in your answers. If you choose to quote a
case, please limit the quote to one sentence, and be sure to cite the case
appropriately after by putting the case name in brackets afterwards. Aside from
this, everything should be in your own words.
1. Review the case E.M. Plastics v. Abby Signs and Lardeur, 2009 BCPC 18,
which is included with your materials for this assignment. After reading the case,
answer the following question:
Is Ted’s Fruit Wholesalers v. Caroline’s Cider House Ltd. a case in which the
Court would pierce the corporate veil? Your answer is to be one or two paragraphs
in length, and you should demonstrate that you understand the reasoning of the
court in E.M. Plastics. As well, your answer should be supported by one other
resource, which must be a Commercial or Business Law Textbook.
2. Under what circumstances would Caroline be liable for the debts of Caroline’s
Cider House Ltd.? Would there be a difference in terms of liability if the business
was structured as a sole proprietorship or as a general partnership? Your answer
should be one or two paragraphs in length and it must be supported by a
Commercial or Business Law Textbook.
The following questions are to be answered and supported by a Commercial or
Business Law Textbook.
3. What is meant by a corporation’s having a separate legal identity?
4. If two people enter into a business together with the object of making money but
lose it instead, can the business still be a partnership?
5. Partners have fiduciary obligations to each other. Explain what this means and
give examples.

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