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Collins, James Porras, Jerry. “Building Your Company’s Vision” HBR 10 Must Reads on Strategy.

Johnson, Mark W., Christensen, Clayton M., and Kagerman, Henning. “Reinventing Your Business Model” HBR 10 Must Reads on Strategy.

Kim, W. Chan and Mauborgne, Renee. “Blue Ocean Strategy” HBR 10 Must Reads on Strategy.

Continue the book assigned to your group.

What common thread did you find most compelling from the three readings this week? How might you utilize this strategy/concept to advance a priority for you in your career?


#1 Caitlin

What I found to be most compelling in this weeks readings was the focus on the unique value of the organization and the inherent value that presented. Each of the three articles highlighted companies or organizations that we successful because they had a clear understaning of what they offered within a certain market and innovated in spaces they were strongest and had an insight others couldn’t quite grasp. To take the iPod example, from that initial innovation Apple has since been able to move into the streaming sector of the music industry with Apple Music because that initial innovation. Furthermore, I would assert that the iPod lead to the current streaming movement, meaning Apple changed the music landscape with their product and the model they set up around it.

As for myself, I work at the university as a fundraiser. My career has been spent in develpoment within higher education and that has helped me move up the ranks more easily and even helped me relocate. Though there are certain differences between more traditional nonprofits and schools, having this focus allows me to move within the sector more easily. The relational aspect of the job and the ability to find connection are also skills that are helpful in the private sector as well. Having a narrow focus helps me to move within my field but the skills I’ve gained are transferable enough to allow me to pivot to a new field, should the opportunity arise.

#2 Emily

The common thread I found most compelling this week was the idea of core value and how essential they are to a healthy organization. To build your company vision, you must have core values in mind. “Core ideology provides the glue that holds an organization together as it grows, decentralizes, diversifies, expands globally, and develops workplace diversity (Porter, p.109). Core values are everything to an organization; in the nonprofit sector we think about his as the mission of the organization.

In order to reinvent your business model, understanding what your key resources are is essential to deliver your key values. Once core values are established, there must be processes put into place to deliver that value. In the Blue Ocean Strategy, values are highlighted yet again, stating that they are essential to create a blue ocean within your organization rather than a red ocean.

I do stewardship and donor relations work at an environmental nonprofit called TreePeople, where the values (or mission) of the organization is at the forefront of everything we do. Recently switching jobs to this position, it was a nonnegotiable for me that my new workplace would have a strong sense of values.

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