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Throughout this course, you have been learning how to evaluate research. Now, you are invited

to use the knowledge you have gained to research and evaluate the available evidence on a topic

of your choice. I have already circulated a list of possible topics from which you may choose a

single topic or that you may use to generate ideas of your own!

Due Date

This paper is due, on canvas, on or before June 29, 11:59PM.

General Requirements

3-4 single-spaced pages OR 6-8 double-spaced pages (You may exceed this limit by ONE (1)

page. Precision and elaboration are both important skills to develop.


12 point, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, APA citations. I have provided a Word document

with a template for you to follow to help ensure your paper formatted corrected (including cover



Accurately represents the paper and is interesting (You can be creative here)

Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)

Explain the topic and why it is important. You can cite some of the articles here that explain the

importance of the issue; e.g., X percentage of children between the ages 2-10 have been

diagnosed with autism (author, 2019).

Write a few sentences to describe the state of the research on this question. For example, has the

research changed recently or has there been more interest in this topic in recent years? Is this

research topic controversial? Was there a lot of research in the past but now some good new

research has emerged to change the understanding of the topic, or is this a relatively new

question that is now only starting to be researched?

Main Body (three paragraphs)

Present the evidence for at least three articles and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Keep

in mind that the goal of this paper is for you to synthesize and analyze all the evidence related to

your question. That is, you should not just give a summary of each individual study. Instead, you

should briefly summarize a study or a set of studies insofar as it is necessary to do so to make

critiques or analyses of the research. Here is some additional specific advice:

You do not need to explain every detail of their methods or even all of their findings. You

should present enough information that will allow the reader to follow your point as you evaluate

the evidence related to your topic.

You should not spend all that much time summarizing the research designs – instead, you should

explain the key aspects of the study design quickly, before moving on to the critique/analysis.

Often the study design can be explained simultaneously while explaining the critique/analysis.

One way to determine if a piece of information is necessary to the paper is to think about

removing it. Would removing it weaken your point? If yes, then it should remain in the paper. If

no, you can probably cut it.

Conclusion (one paragraph)

What do you conclude about the evidence? This is not your opinion about the topic, but your

assessment of the evidence. Is the evidence conclusive? Is more research needed? What potential

alternative explanations still remain?


You need to provide AT LEAST THREE (3) scholarly references and A TOTAL OF FIVE (5)


Here is a guide to provide references in APA format. Please use APA format:



Here is a site to help with formatting this page:



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