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Please be specific specific don’t write in general about his life

What is the main plot driver in this part of the reading? How does Pi struggle with suffering in this section?


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And then your response to three reflections

Reflection one
Pi’s strong will to live drives the plot during the second part of the book.
This is seen by the immense suffering that he endured. Not only did he get thrown into a life raft
with an injured zebra, a hyena, and a tiger, but then he watched them die or attack each other.
Then, as Richard Parker being his savior and possible demise, needed to be trained on their
journey. Pi worked hard, suffering the fact he had to kill to feed Richard Parker, and then even
eating meat himself. Then, when he encountered the parasitic island, he could have stayed much
longer, but he knew he had to suffer on the open ocean in order to live.
Reflection two
through the whole part 2 Pie has such a strong will to live one of the ways was when he was trying to
knock off the boat Richard Packer but when he got on the boat he jumped off the boat
A couple of things that Pie sulfured with during this chapter where the lack of people he was around. He
had 3 people with him but they did not speak his langue another big thing that he had a hard time with
was not having enough food or water. even though he was throw into a boat with different animals he
could use some of that for food but it will go bad and there is not that much you could eat form the
animals if any. Another big thing that he face is the lack of water granted that he is in the Pacific ocean
witch is salt water so he would not beable to drink that water
Reflection three
The plot driver in this part of the reading is that Pi ended up in the sea and now he needs to
survive it. There is a lot of suffering and struggles in this part of the reading. Pi sees the ship that
had his family on skins deep into the ocean. He ends up on a lifeboat with multiple animals and
watches them surviving by eating each other until he ends up alone with Richard Parker. He
learns survival techniques and is forced to eat fish after being a lifelong vegetarian in order to
live. I think Pi’s strong will to live surprises me. He was very young and alone. He lost his entire
family. He is literally sailing in and into the known. Physically and mentally surviving months
alone with Richard Parker in the ocean is a miracle.

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