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Your task for this

research paper

is as follows: Please take a specific idea mentioned within the novel and conduct research on that idea. The idea must come from the novel, and within your research paper you must clearly show (via quoting the novel) what idea you’re exploring and where you found it. Some possible ideas that are explored within the novel include:

Extraterrestrial exploration and/or colonization (challenges, possible governments, possible improvements from what we do on Earth, where? when?)

Genetics and/or engineering/modifications of humans or nonhumans, STEM cells, cloning

Independent or paramilitary organizations, militias (unofficial, illegal), 2nd Amendment

Energy sources (such as the “Shipstone”), solar, wind, hydro, nuclear powers

Multinational corporations (influence on environment, cultures, economies)

Worldwide plague or drug-resistant diseases, COVID-19 (statistics, governmental responses, drugs, healthcare systems)

Human classes or caste systems (racial, ethnic, economic — social mobility)

Ballistic forms of travel, rockets, space planes

Government and corporate surveillance

Corruption of governments or governmental agencies

Servitude or slavery, still around the work and in the United States

Foster care

Family structures, marriages, intermarriage (laws, customs)

Sexual orientation (laws, acceptance)

Rape (and perhaps the “Stockholm syndrome”)

IDs, credit cards, passports, forms of identification

Forms of transportation (propulsion, “smart” roads, self-driving)

Pregnancy awareness, or lack thereof

Investigation strategies/techniques, police (state) brutality or torture

Home defense systems, bunkers, (perhaps survivalists)

You may research and write about any other idea mentioned or expressed in the novel as long as you can point to it/reference it in your essay

Your research paper must contain a variety of outside sources. Try to use different types of materials (such as the Internet, CDs, books, periodicals, interviews, and so on) and, of course, those sources must be properly cited using MLA formatting. Some specific requirements include.

All papers must have the following characteristics.

Papers that do not follow these guidelines will be returned to the student without being read or graded.

All text double-spaced, typed

Use a sans-serif font such as Calibri

12 point height (neither less nor more)

Follow consistent MLA formatting

Length: 4 or more pages, plus a Works Cited Page

Given an appropriate title (not a label such as “research paper”)

MLA citations and a Works Cited page

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