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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

Apply statistical techniques to address research problems


You are a data analyst for a basketball team (you will use the same team for all three projects). You have found a large set of historical data, and are working to analyze and find patterns in the data set. The coach of the team and your management have requested that you use descriptive statistics and data visualization techniques to study distributions of key variables associated with the performance of different teams. Data-driven analytics will help the management make decisions to further improve your team’s performance. You will use the Python programming language to perform your statistical analysis. You will also need to present a report of your findings to the team’s management. Since the managers are not data analysts, you will need to interpret your findings and describe their practical implications. The managers will use your report to find areas where the team can improve its performance.


This data set has been “cleaned” for the purposes of this assignment.


FiveThirtyEight. (April 26, 2019).




. Kaggle. Retrieved from



For this project, you will submit the

Python script

you used to make your calculations and a

summary report

explaining your findings.

Python Script

: To complete the tasks listed below, open the Project One Jupyter Notebook link in the Assignment Information module. Your project contains the NBA data set and a Jupyter Notebook with your Python scripts. In the notebook, you will find step-by-step instructions and code blocks that will help you complete the following tasks:

Choose and create a

data visualization



descriptive statistics

including mean, median, min, max, variance, and standard deviation.


confidence intervals

for a population proportion and a population mean.

Summary Report

: Once you have completed all the steps in your Python script, you will create a summary report to present your findings. Use the provided template to create your report. You must complete


of the following sections:


: Set the context for your scenario and the analyses you will be performing.

Data Visualization

: Identify and interpret your chosen data visualization.

Descriptive Statistics

: Identify and interpret measures of central tendency and variability.

Confidence Intervals

: Identify and interpret the lower and upper limits of confidence intervals.


: Summarize your findings and explain their practical implications.

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Python Script

Your Jupyter Notebook Python script contains all the statistical analyses you completed for this project. You downloaded your work as an HTML file. Review the file to make sure that every step and all your outputs are included. Submit the HTML file as part of your submission. Review the Jupyter Notebook in Codio Tutorial in the Supporting Materials section if you need help.

Summary Report Zip File Word Document

Use the provided template to create your summary report. The template contains guiding questions to help you complete each section.

Be sure to remove these questions before submitting your report

. Your summary report should be submitted as a

3- to 5-page

Microsoft Word document. It should include an APA-style cover page and APA citations for any sources used. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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