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I’m working on calculas question and need an explanation to help me study.

i’m working on a calculate question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

MATH-UA 123 – Spring 2021
Quiz 8(001)
Read all of the following information before starting:
• Internet searches or posting, discussion with others, notebooks, textbook and calculators
ARE NOT allowed. Any violation will be reported to school with result in both academic
and disciplinary sanctions.
• During or after the quiz, you cannot post the quiz on the internet or share the exam with
others. Before the quiz score is released, you can only discuss the exam question with the
• Prepare several pages of clean paper and label them.
• On the top of page 1, clearly write down and finish the following:
Print Name:
@ nyu.edu
Version: 4(003)
I pledge that I have observed the NYU honor code,
and that I have neither given nor received unauthorized
assistance to complete the quiz.
• Time limit for the quiz is 20 minutes. The gradescope countdown clock will be 25 minutes,
including 20 minutes writing time and 5 minutes uploading time. Please plan your time
• Please label your answers to each question carefully and organize your answers in logical
and clear order. You don’t have to print out the quiz.
• Unless otherwise indicated, you must justify your solution to receive full credit on a problem.
Partial credit will be granted for work that demonstrates understanding of relevant and key
Free Response
For problems in this section, show all work and justify each step.
1. (5 pts) Evaluate the line integral
x sin y ds
where C is the line segment from (0, 3) to (4, 6).
(Note: Do NOT use calculator, keep exact trig values in your final answer.)
2. (5 pts) Show your step to find a potential function for F(x, y, z) = i + (2y + z 3 )j + 3yz 2 k.

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