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I don’t know how to handle this Nursing question and need guidance.

This CAN NOT be a cut & pasted together paper. It must be thoughtful, it must make sense, and all sentences should add to the paper and not be just filler content. I say these things because I have seen good and bad papers on Studypool. I can easily tell the difference between a paper with thought put into it, and a paper that was just “pieced” together. I will provide rubric.

This is for a USA based nursing class. Must use USA English and USA based resources.

Research the concept of medication errors in healthcare. Write a 4-6 page APA paper (not including title page and reference page) discussing medication errors, utilizing a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (excluding the text book). The content must include the following:

Explain the importance of prevention of medication errors in healthcare.

Identify safety and quality issues involved in medication administration.

Discuss the role of continuous quality improvement in medication safety


Discuss the responsibilities and accountability of the nurse in medication error prevention


Identify processes, systems, and tools in technology to prevent medication errors and promote a safe care environment.

Examples include: Electronic Medical Record and barcode scanning.


Describe the collaborative roles of interdisciplinary healthcare team members in medication administration.


Present research related to the topic NUR (What does nursing literature say about the medication errors)?

Patient Centered:

Include importance of topic to nursing profession

All of the sections of the paper must be clearly supported by outside sources to help support your argument.


Paper should include concise introduction with clear purpose and conclusion

Content requirements are contained above.

Creativity /Innovation rubric section may include insights on :

clear correlation of medication errors to nursing profession is included

All sources are cited in paper and on reference page using APA format

4-6 pages in length (does not include title or reference page)

Retain this assignment for future requirements of the program.

Refer to APA 7th Edition requirements

Avoid use of abbreviations and jargon


*** Required to use 3 Medical/Nursing Journal articles less than 5 years old – USA Articles ***

Additional resources must be reputable.

All sources whether paraphrased or directly quoted MUST be cited in text and on the reference page

No long quotes

1 or less short quotes allowed – the rest the information must be paraphrased and cited

MAY not use Wikipedia and any non-professional.com websites

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