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I need a lesson plan on children’s song, I choose (Five Little Ducks) this song will be my plan, and the age group is five years and below,

Please use easy and simple language when writing the plan


It is necessary to mention two open ended question!! Please follow the steps below.


Student’s Name:

:Date to be presented:

Category/ Topic/ Theme:

Title of main song:

Name of movement activity:

Age of the students planned for:

1. Learning Objectives: Objectives must be observable and measurable: this means you can tell whether or not the child accomplishes them. If you begin the objective with the phrase “The child will…” or “The child will be able to…” and follow this with an action word, it might help you in writing your objectives. For example: “The child will be able to balance on one foot and hop with two feet.” “The child will be able to match his/her actions to the descriptive words (fast, slow, high, low).” “The child will participate in a group experience with other children.”

2. Props or visual aids: (used to introduce or accompany song and /or movement). Be creative. The Prop will help set the mood, heighten interest, and focus the group’s attention.

3. Activities/ Procedure: Make sure you include the words to all of the songs. If you know the tune of the

song please include it with the words.

A. Introduction: How will you gather the children? GATHERING SONG

B. Give a step-by-step description of how you would share your song and movement with young

children. This is where you let us know what your music circle is all about! Be specific in describing

how you will present the experience. MAIN SONG with MOVEMENT.

C. Closure: how are you going to end your song/movement and guide the children to their next activity.


4. Curriculum extensions: These extensions must be from curriculum areas other than music and

movement, examples: art, math, science, language and literature, large motor activities etc. Give at

least three extension ideas. Show EXAMPLES when presenting your activity.

5. State two open ended question!! Open ended question are to elicit conversations. No Yes/ N


6 .Helpful hints and guidance needs : What would you do include a child with special needs? State or identify the specific need and the modification?

7. Resources used—where did you find these ideas?

September 18, 2018
Slippery Fish
1) Learning Objective-
The children will participate in a group activity, they will use fine and gross motor
Children will learn several words that describe movement (sliding, squiggling, seeing,
Children will create a guess on which object will sink and float.
Children will corporate with one another while sharing manipulatives and exploring
2) Props or Visual Aids-
Little White Fish by Guido Van Genechten
Prowling the Seas by Pamela S. Turner
Poster Board with float and sink activity
Plastic ocean animals and painting sponges in ocean animal shapes
Tank with rocks, plastic fish, fake plants, and toy boat.
Stick Puppets
3) Activities/ Procedures-
Gathering: I will invite the children to the music activity through a simple song. “If you want to
hear a story sit down, if you want to hear a story sit down. Find a place come sit.” Using body
language and saying the children’s name are two techniques I will use to grab the children’s
attention and their interest.
Main Song Slippery Fish:
Slippery fish, slippery fish
sliding through the water
Slippery fish, slippery fish
Gulp, gulp, gulp
oh no, it’s been eaten by a…
octopus, octopus squiggling in the water
octopus, octopus
gulp, gulp, gulp
oh no, it’s been eaten by a…
tuna fish, tuna fish
flashing through the water
tuna fish, tuna fish
gulp, gulp, gulp
oh no its been eaten by a…
Great White Shark, Great White Shark
lurking in the water
Great White Shark, Great White Shark
gulp, gulp, gulp
oh no, it’s been eaten by a…
Humongous whale, humongous whale
spouting in the water
Humongous whale, humongous whale
gulp, gulp, gulp
Transition Song: I will sing a song to guide the children to the next station which is snack time
by calling the children’s names. “If you name is Susana go wash your hand, wash your hand, and
wash your hand then lineup.”
4) Extension:
Art: sea creature prints
• Supplies-paint, paper, sponges the activity will be the children dipping the ocean
animal shaped sponges into paint.
Math: Children will guess the size of the plastic ocean animals and put them in the right
group. :
Science: The children will guess what objects float and which will sink.
Opened Ended Questions:
How do ocean animals move in the water?
What colors of fish have you seen?
Children with special needs: Children with sceneries can wear gloves for the art project and I
will provide special fidget toys to hold their attention.
Resources used: Library, internet and tutor
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