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For Section II Managerial Functions: My part is Controlling

For Section III Recommendations: My part is Advice to the Manager

Also the interview transcript is included from page 2-6

On page 7, there are some instruction from the professor.

Group 8
Professor Trkula
MGMT 303-3D9
April 18, 2021
Team Research Paper and Analysis
The Children’s Place, Manager
Section I: Manager Overview and Current Problem
a. Manager Overview (Alya)
● Who is the manager and what are their responsibilities?
b. Current Problem (Rochelle)
● What is the current issue or challenge the manager is facing?
Section II: Managerial Functions (
How might the manager utilize the four functions to solve this issue/problem?
a. Planning (Alya)
● What planning methodologies could be used to address the challenge? Are there
any stakeholders that affect the issue at hand? Is there a certain strategy being
b. Organizing (Rochelle)
● Does the organizational structure assist with solving the problem? How does the
organization manage change? Is the organizational culture helping or hurting the
manager with the issue? How is decision making utilized by the manager?
c. Leading (Tommy)
● What specific managerial/leadership skills could assist with solving this challenge?
How did the manager acquire their managerial/leadership skills? Are their specific
motivational techniques that would help overcome the issue? Could teamwork be
utilized more efficiently and effectively?
d. Controlling (Sandra)
● What organizational controls have been implemented to assist the manager with
decisions? Could more controls be added to assist the problem?
Section III: Recommendations (
a. Management Theories (Alya)
● What management theories could assist this manager to develop a solution to the
b. Potential Changes (Rochelle)
● What changes should the manager make to overcome the issues?
c. Skills Gap (Tommy)
● Are there any skills lacking in the organization or manager that could help with this
d. Advice to the Manager (Sandra)
● If you were to coach the manager what would you advise?
Interview Date: April 13, 2021, 3:00 PM
Total-run time: 19:07
Manager’s Name: Reyna Rosales
Manager’s Contact Information:
[Interview Duration: 8:18-19:02]
Alya: So I’ll go with the first question. So can you tell us about a time where you resolved a
challenge in a way you were really proud of?
Mrs. Rosales: Well when I was on maternity leave, I left someone in charge of the store and I
came back in February and by the time that I came back, it was a Sunday, and Sunday Monday
Tuesday passed by and no one told me that my district manager was going to come into the store.
So by Tuesday, she was going to be here by 10 in the morning. So between Tuesday I had to
hurry up and move some walls, set up the window price changes, and it was a lot of work that I
had to do so I had less than 24 hours to do it. She came in the store and she was very happy about
everything that I did and I think I felt proud of myself that I did everything on time and even
though it was just a little bit of time noticed, I finished everything that I have to do.
Alya: Okay that’s good. Okay so how does The Children’s Place as a company shape work
culture within your store?
Mrs. Rosales: Well at the Children’s Place, we stand by the rare city and inclusion for all
opening positions, we value our employees, we encourage V bags and development plans,
established Tinkles, and we give employees ownership.
Alya: Okay. And do you think that shows in your workplace as well?
Mrs. Rosales: Yeah it does show in here.
Alya: Okay. So what is a recent challenge you faced in your role as a manager?
Mrs. Rosales: My recent challenge… hold on. So as I say before, when I left on maternity leave,
everything was fine in the store. We were making money, not as much as we were supposed to.
And when I came back the day that my DM came in the store that Tuesday and Wednesday, she
told me I was part of the store, which means that we’re not making sales, credit cards, and she
told me that I was going to be there for six months. So as of right now, I’m on my third month so
I’m hopefully that I will be out of it soon. But the sale has gone up based on how this store is
because when the customer sees a messy store, they don’t want to come in so they see that the
environment inside the store is not as good as it should be. So what I did is… since I moved
everything around, the store looks back to shape. When I was here, I felt the customers started
coming in the store and the sales went up. So from being negative, I turned it into being positive
now. So I just had three months left so that’s a challenge for me, but I’m still working on it so
hopefully I can be out in July.
Alya: Okay. And then I think the next person is going to start asking questions.
Sandra: Yes. How do you handle conflict between team members?
Mrs. Rosales: I give you an example. And everything is based on when I left on maternity leave.
When I left, everyone in here liked each other. We had no problems, no issues at all. By the time
that I kept- that I was gone, that I had the baby, I was getting text messages that there were a lot
of issues going on to the store. I couldn’t do anything about it because I was away. But once I
came back, I started like, talking to the persons that were with the issue. So I sat with the first
man- it was between managers. So I talked to the managers and everyone told me a different
story. But I decided to do both of them together so by the time that I saw both of them, they…
they denied a lot of the stuff. But at the end, everything was fixed, so… they were back to
normal. So everyone likes each other now, nobody has any issues in here, and I think it… it has
something that the store manager has to do. So you have to get involved in order to fix
something, so I actually did that. I put my effort into fixing it.
Sandra: So how can you describe your management style?
Mrs. Rosales: My management style… so… I will consider myself as a leader, never going to be
a follower. A leader is because I step up and I like to take challenges. I like to take control of
projects and everything in the store, even the associates. And… I think I’m very supportive and
I’m a team player.
Sandra: Okay. And what is your biggest management weakness?
Mrs. Rosales: My biggest one is that I’m too nice. I told her I get a lot of stuff in the store… like
when it comes to schedule, I’m very patient, and… I like to- like you say, I’m flexible, but
sometimes like I think I’m too nice and I get taken advantage of for it. So I think that’s my
weakness, that I need to change my attitude on my being more aggressive with them in order for
them to change too. I think that’s it.
Tommy: So the next question is: what attracted you to the company?
Mrs. Rosales: So I started, to be honest at the beginning, nothing attracted me to the company.
But I needed a job, but with- I started working as a sales associate, and then I went up to sales
lead, and then I went up to assistant manager, until I met before years ago. So I took the store
manager position. What took me to hear it- I mean, what attracted me is that I used to work with
a manager who trained me very well. And then I knew that I was going to be able to handle
everything in here and also the company benefits. And… I’m not going to say the money, but it’s
more than I thought the benefits and the team.
Tommy: How would you describe the work environment?
Mrs. Rosales: The work environment at Children’s Place… I was a professional and to see
people growing here, I have promoted more than one sales associate to manager, sales lead, or
anything like that. So I think it’s… it’s how they grow in here, how they learn from me too. Let
me see what else… the mutual respect… and improving customer service for MO internal team
members, creative, fun environment, and communication.
Tommy: What responsibilities do you have on a typical day?
Mrs. Rosales: So as soon as we come- as soon as I come in the store, I have to do paperwork…
everyday come to register, we do have something called Roadmap and that’s how we track the
sales every hour and then communicate with the associate. Chipman Laura said, “ Windows
changing prices.” So that’s a typical day here, there’s always something to do.
Rochelle: Okay so the last three questions are: how do you evaluate employee performance and
Mrs. Rosales: How do I evaluate… so we have Cash Reproductivity. It’s a paper that we printthat I have to print out every Monday. Based on that paper, I go to H associate or manager,
whoever it is you’re working with me and I go through that and that’s why I told them their- how
many transactions they got. And based on each transaction, they have to get a credit card. So
every twenty-five transactions, gets one credit card. When I see they have zero, I have to give
them feedback and I also when I give them the feedback to talk to them in person, I have to
submit it through work day, so that way they can see what has to be changed from them.
Rochelle: What are your long-term goals for your store at The Children’s Place and what steps
will you be taking to achieve them?
Mrs. Rosales: What was the question?
Rochelle: What are your long-term goals for your store at The Children’s Place and what steps
will you be taking to achieve them?
Mrs. Rosales: Okay, so it’s almost the same thing what I was talking about before about being a
focus store. So my goal is to be out of there in the next 3 months and the only way that I’m going
to do it is setting goals for everyone in the store and improving our customer service where it’s
going to help us make the money. And also with the credit cards is part of the focus store. Have
each associate understand the importance of credit cards and benefits that they get so that way
we make our goals every month.
Rochelle: And lastly, can you explain to us your decision-making process and what strategies
you incorporate to reach the most effective decisions?
Mrs. Rosales: So my communication has helped a lot now that I’m back in the store. Before I
felt that they were not assisting customers, greeting, and stuff like that so as- when they- when I
talk to them and when they see me, they do it but as soon as the safe act like step out of there,
they just stay quiet. So I think that communicating with them has changed a lot and I had to
terminate one of my managers which I feel that she was the witness and was making everyone
lazy and… since she’s gone like everything has changed like everything like the company the
store is better than before.
Alya: Okay. So that’s all our questions.
Methodology and Data Collection:
Based on Phase II of your Organizational Profile each team will then interview a manager that is
currently working in the business organization selected. Your team will conduct an interview with
this manager to better understand his or her job and the organization. You may not interview
someone in the immediate family of a team member; someone you have interviewed for a previous
course OR a manager on GMU campus. You can choose to record the interview but must have the
individual’s consent to do so. This paper will be written from the individual managerial viewpoint.
You can also obtain your data from:
1. Literature review (e.g. Bios of founders, news articles on the company)
2. Employee interviews
3. “Promotional” materials assessment (including web sites)
4. Industry analysis
Managerial Analysis:
An in-depth managerial analysis of a selected manager from designated organization, e.g., a
corporation, company, firm or association (ideally, an organization which you have some interest in
joining as an employee someday). The team will gather information about one current issue or
problem the manager is facing and write a paper that provides an in-depth analysis of this issue or
problem using principles learned in this class, concluding with a recommendation to the manager.
This assignment challenges you to connect the real-life experiences of a business manager to the
theoretical principles of management and to draw your own conclusions about how to approach
problems that managers face in the business world today.
Given the challenge or problem the manager is facing, how might the four functions of management
impact how they handle it in the organization. You will analyze this phase of the paper from the
individual level of analysis. Here are the primary issues that should be addressed in the paper.
Each team member needs to identify which section they wrote in the paper. Please place your name
next to the section title. Your team must include a recording of your interview OR a transcript as the
appendix to the paper—this will identify who asked which questions in the interview. The paper
should be approximately 8-10 pages with well documented references and bibliography in APA
format. You MUST have at least 5 academic references for this paper to back up your arguments.
Please review the rubric below to ensure your team is on the right track.
*Please include the contact information for the manager interviewed so the recitation
instructor can send a thank you note on George Mason’s behalf.

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