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You are required to complete a research paper at the end of week 8 on an individually selected topic. The research paper should be a minimum of 10 pages and not to exceed 15 pages (NOT including Cover Sheet and References page). The research paper should demonstrate your grasp of the concepts covered in the course. The topic can apply to a project management issue of particular interest to you or your work place. However, the topic must be in the area of project integration, time, or scope.

Project Integration Management
Briana Jackson
Project Integration
Project integration is successfully coordinating all the aspects of a project. The elements and
aspects included in a project are resources, stakeholders, and tasks. There is a need to ensure that
proper coordination is observed. This means that when all the needed coordination is observed,
the project will be successful, benefitting all the members associated with the project (Chouki et
al., 2020). Project integration is an aspect that has to exist from the beginning to the completion
of a given project. Project integration is of importance in all projects. This is because it ensures
stability in all areas of a given project. With a successful project integration, all aspects,
including costs, time, risk management, procurement stakeholder management, and quality, will
be excellent (Vuorinen & Martinsuo, 2018). There will be no room for errors and mistakes hence
a successful project. Project integration ensures success in all aspects of a project. These
processes include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closure.
Project integration has seven steps that need to be observed to ensure successful project
implementation. The creation of a project charter involves creating a document that shows that
the project is about to start (Onungwa, Olugu-Uduma & Shelden, 2021). Developing a plan
involves creating a plan of what the project will look like and how it will look. After the
execution, there will be a need to manage and direct the implementation of that project.
Management of project knowledge involves using the existing knowledge to ensure a successful
implementation of the project. The monitoring and control of the project include preventive
actions, corrective actions, and defect repair. Change control is also needed for a project to avoid
failure and stress that may discourage all members involved in the project (Larsson & Larsson,
2020). Closure of the project is after the project has been completed; therefore, there is a need to
bring it to an end officially. It is usually done in a meeting, contract closure, or storage of
materials. Project managers usually lead project integration with the help of other assistants
under them.
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