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Request: The aim of the assignment is to assess your ability to apply the knowledge covered over the course, but most focused on the second half of it. Particularly important is

knowledge of Strategic HRM

-how HRM is linked to Organisational Strategy, and the main practices areas mentioned in the brief (and outlined towards the end of our module homepage on canvas.From the assignment brief, you are charged with considering a set of

HR practice areas

. The assignment involves a

cting as a consultant

, considering the circumstances of the organisation and advising on the type of policies and practices they should consider adopting, based on current practice especially in the areas of resourcing, talent management, performance management and rewards management.

You are charged with compiling

a report


critically evaluates

how using more recently developed approaches to these areas will help Socat to grow in a sustainable way, but also how other areas of HR practice may affect how effective these approaches will be. The report should summarise the advances in the areas of HR identified above, how these may help address the concerns outlined by Catherine compared to more traditional thinking, and clear recommendations about the policies and practices needed to complement the organisation’s strategy.

Your essay should be

no longer than 2000 words

(-/+ 10%)(Word Count excludes reference list but includes all other tables, quotes etc.)

Please follow the below guidelines when preparing and formatting your submission:

* Please ensure your assignment is structured around

headings and sub-headings


* Please present your document using imes RomTan Numeral, Font size 12, and double spacing

* Ensure to include page numbers.

* Use Harvard Style referencing. Please visit the

Learning Development ServiceLinks to an external site.

for tips on how to reference appropriately.

Outline:There is no prescribed way of structuring this report, but I would likely organise my discussion as follows

1.Executive Summary (very short)

2.Introduction (short)-communicating understanding the position of the company and its problems, articulating what the report is going to address, .

3.Resourcing and Talent Management

4.Performance Management and Reward Management

5,I would then have at least one, perhaps two more paragraphs on a theme mentioned in the brief and often in lectures by me

6.Then, conclusion and final recommendations

All the while, I would be constantly



The case study is attached to this request. So are all the materials provided by the professors.

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