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Privacy is defined as a state of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. This is especially important in the medical field. I would define medical privacy as the understanding that everything the patient states to the medical professional is to be kept confidential. One main reason privacy and confidentiality is so imperative in the medical field is because it is important to maintain trustworthy communication with the patient. The patients should feel as if they are in a safe place to discuss issues that are extremely personal and private to them. With medical privacy, it is imperative to keep the information of the patients secure. There is a lot of information about patients that could be harmful if it were released. The medical setting should be a sacred space for communication between the medical professionals and patients. I believe it should be a moral right due to the fact that everyone should have the ability to keep their information secure and confidential.

Social contract theory could give the right to privacy being overruled in certain instances. If there is not agreement to the establishment of a set of moral rules or the lack of capability for a government to enforce the rules. In addition, parties must agree to establish the rules as well as carry them out since not one person has authority over others, as stated in Rousseu’s social contract. Social contract theory emphasizes that the community makes and enforces the rules as well as the belief that everyone in the community is equal.

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Medical privacy is the act keeping the records of patients secured and confidential. I believe it is a moral right to maintain medical privacy. Everyone has to right to decide what they want to share and with whom they want to share it with especially when it involves their health. Yes, there is cases in which public health policy justifies the violation of the right to privacy. These are when there is a threat of harm, disclosure required by a court, or disclosure with consent of the patient. Social contract does not have a way to resolve conflicting rights. Under Rousseau’s social contract unless consent was given by the patient public health under no circumstance has a right to be above this policy and release information regardless of the circumstance.

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