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Discuss adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience. Give examples of each from your own adolescence. In addition, please discuss the emerging adulthood transition. What is/was your transition like? Can adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience cognitive distortions continue to affect people’s judgments and decision-making during the emerging adults period? Do the above cognitive distortions and immature behavior continue during early adulthood (20- 29 years)? Support your discussion with research from your readings in the book or other research from reputable sources.

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The period of development between childhood and maturity is known as adolescence. One goes through a lot of changes throughout this time, including ones that are physical, social, and emotional. Adolescence is a time of egotistical idealism. This is referred to as a self-absorbed state. Teenagers frequently exhibit an egotistical idealism that makes them averse to criticism.Every human being must go through adolescence because it is the time when we begin to discover who we are, what we actually like, and what we are capable of. It is also the time when we are most concerned with what other people think of us. You will never truly become your own self if you spend your entire life believing that everyone is watching and evaluating you. You need to get over that anxiety and recognize that everyone experiences the same things.My father used to spoil me and give me everything I wanted, and my mom was the strict one, which I felt balanced me out. At the time, I always picked my dad’s side because he let me have anything I wanted, but as I have grown older, I have come to understand that things are not always as simple as they look, and you often have to put much effort into achieving your goals. Naturally, I’m grateful for my parents and everything they have taught me.I was a relatively “young mom” so to speak and my kids are now 20 and 17 and had I applied that same concept to them that my father did with me, I would’ve lost total control. I do spoil them when deserve and I also make them earn whatever they want since that will teach them to value things more.

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