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I am pleased to present the Resilience Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) from Trauma Act, and I hope you will understand and benefit from this speech. I will walk you through the essential factors of the policy.

Children are our future; let them grow. However, that has not been the case, as statistics show that about one in seven children have been neglected or have experienced child abuse in the past year (The National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative, 2022). This has massively resulted in child trauma, as about 34.8 million children each year are exposed to adverse childhood experiences (Lebrun-Harris et al., 2022). The Resilience Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) is a significant policy because it works towards helping and supporting children’s mental health. This policy massively increases funding for community-based efforts to prevent and mitigate trauma impacts. In addition, it expands workforce development and training efforts to support first responders, health care, social service, community leaders, and education to deliver services and adapt resilience to heal the impact of trauma.

In order to effectively treat the root causes of addiction and violence in the community, people should be able to focus on eliminating these exposures as they negatively affect children. Unaddressed trauma can harm school success and physical and mental health. However, it is difficult since some causes of problems are rooted in families unprepared or incapable of changing, especially in targeting areas where community violence is a common factor. The law enforcers would be unable to fight against these causes due to unavailable resources. This policy invests in communities and the workforce to support families and children facing trauma to heal their emotional scars and rebuild a brighter future. This will be obtained through the provision of resources and assistance that gives hope to the vulnerable, resources that prevent violence and substance abuse, and empower the next generation.

Childhood trauma is a growing issue each day and requires immediate mitigation. This policy will increase resources and expand the trauma-informed workforce for the community’s needs, giving access to help the much-needed communities. The RISE policy is a helpful resource for our children.

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