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Part one

The medium that a writer or composer chooses for their message determines what they can communicate and what they cannot communicate to their audiences. You will have a chance to explore this idea in detail by using a free design tool to remediate your Project 3 into a “one-pager”, which can be an infographic or a poster/ flyer.

This project will go through two stages:

1) Initial reflection at the pre-design stage: What can a poster or infographic accomplish for a reader that a text can’t accomplish? And vice versa? Looking at your Project 3 paper, what issues do you expect to encounter as you turn your paper into a one-page visual?

2) Design: You’ll explore the design tools in Module 4, pick one (or another tool available for free), and you’ll create an infographic or poster that visualizes the argument you make in Project 3.

You will submit your infographic along with a short commentary in which you critically reflect on the good and the “not so good” outcomes of the remediation process.

Please use the paper I submitted below to make a poster or an infographoc.

Part two

The comment requirements

Along with your visual you will submit a written commentary addressing the good an not so good aspects of your remediation product. What do you think works well in your poster/ infographic? What do you think doesn’t work that well and why?

Length of the commentary: 400 words minimum

Xu 1
Impacts of Television Advertisement on Children
Television advertisement has a significant impact on children both the negative and the
positive result. There is a popular topic that should parents allow their children to watch television
advertisements. In my viewpoint, parents that are the main audiences for the paper should always
allow their children to watch these advertisements but be strict on only those advertisements meant
for older people like the ones for drugs. Some of the positive impacts of TV advertisements
include food advertisements, enabling children to learn the right and healthy foods that they ate
supposed to eat. It will help them turn away from fatty foods like fries and focus on healthy foods.
Also, parents should allow their children to watch some of these advertisements on healthy foods,
which will enable them to grow healthy. Promotions about career can act as a motivator to the
children. The children can learn about different professions through these advertisements and
choose the best job for their dreams. It also allows them to work hard to achieve all the necessary
qualities for that particular profession. It is a big challenge for parents because children can learn
great things that they have not taught them at home or school.
First, I think parents should allow children to watch television advertisements since some
advertisements about current technology also enable children to acquire knowledge and
information about everyday matters. They will always be updated on current issues and how the
country is promoting growth in technology. Children are also able to learn about new items and
products on the market, and through this, they can identify some gaps that some of them can
struggle to achieve. Through advertisements about protecting the environment, the children can
also learn that they are protecting the school environment or at home. They will know that they
are part of finding a solution to this issue. Without these advertisements and without being taught,
they cannot understand the importance of protecting the environment. Parents should give them
Xu 2
chances to watch some of these advertisements because they can play a significant role in
helping the government to solve this issue.
Second, children should be allowed to watch television advertisements by their parents
because there are advertisements for the risks of alcohol to underage children. It is the part that
parents should encourage the children to watch because they are being exposed to the truth by
the media and most parents are not always ready to talk to their children about drug abuse
matters. Children can learn the risks associated with alcohol intake or even the consumption of
other drugs. Through this advertisement, most of them will be afraid of consuming alcohol and
other substances, which encouraged good health. Ads that show how different children are
involved in activities boost children’s morale because they will also be ready to engage in
activities that other children are doing. It tends to be much fun because they will learn something
that is not taught to them by their teachers or parents. It will motivate them to engage in various
activities at home because they feel challenged by the children in the advertisement.
Third, television advertising directed toward young children should be allowed by their
parents because advertisements on cancer awareness are also crucial to children, and parents
should allow their kids to gain information from these displays. It will enable them to learn the
importance of taking care of themselves and precautions to protect themselves from getting
cancer. Most parents cannot teach their children the protective measures that help in the
prevention of this disease. They will also be encouraged to search for detailed information about
this disease from other sources (Thapa 2020).
Although television advertisements have some positive impacts, the adverse also affects
them, so most parents do not allow their children to watch them. One of the reasons why it is not
useful for children is that some companies tend to advertise some foods that are not healthy for
Xu 3
children, like candy and some snacks. It makes children crave much on them, and also parents
struggle to avoid this behavior by not buying those items. These are not healthy for the parents
and try to prevent this by not giving them the chance to watch such advertisements. When new
products are being advertised, it tends to lower these children’s self-esteem because they feel
they are not owners of those items. Some will be motivated to study hard and get those items, but
some tend to feel inferior about the idea (Islam, Mazidul, and Md Usman 29) In addition,
advertisements about the risks of early sexual activities can also be a significant threat to
children. It has excellent information, but not all children put into action those measures. Some
of them tend to engage in these sexual acts to prove that the information provided is accurate.
Through this, they can even attain some health issues like STD in the name of trying out to
verify the information. In some way, parents have many reasons why they do not allow their
children to watch these advertisements and these adverse effects are the ones that make parents
harsh to their children when they are listening and watching these advertisements. Most of the
advertisements cause problems rather than benefits. They tend to make children become
criminals at a very young age. In general, children should not be exposed to media at an early
age because of the negative impacts on their development (Van 400).
However, there are two negative effects listed before, children should also be allowed to
watch TV commercials, such as public service announcements. Most children are interested in
cartoons, and most cartoons are broadcast on specific children’s channels such as CCTV-14. The
children’s channel should be strictly managed by the government, so there will be no sexually
suggestive ads with blood, violence, thus children should be allowed to watch television
Xu 4
To sum up, television advertising directed toward young children should be allowed,
since children can obtain knowledge and information about daily affairs in some advertisements
related to current technology, advertisements are promoting the risk of underage drinking, and
parents should let their children obtain important information from advertisements about cancer
awareness. Advertising is a double-edged sword, as a parent, would you let your children watch
Xu 5
Islam, Mazidul, and Md Usman Goni. “Impact of Television Advertisements on Children’s
Mental and Physical Development in Bangladesh.” ABC Research Alert 8.1 (2020):
Thapa, Dr. “Impact of television advertisement on children: Evidence from Nepal.” Impact of
Television Advertisement on Children: Evidence from Nepal (April 5, 2020) (2020).
Van Reijmersdal, Eva A., et al. “Processes and effects of targeted online advertising among
children.” International Journal of Advertising 36.3 (2017): 396-414.

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