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Supplemental Websites:

WorldoMeters –

Dynamic world population and other moving statistics updated in real time.

(Links to an external site.)

Internet World Stats –

World Population and the Top Ten Countries with the Highest Population

(Links to an external site.)

This data shows the population now and what it will look like in 2050. ( i.e. India will overtake China). Be sure to scroll down to see the bar graphs of the Top 10 countries.

Country Reports –

Compare & Contrast Countries

(Links to an external site.)

This website will help you compare and contrast stats such as inflation or unemployment .

Commodity.com –

World Debt Clocks

(Links to an external site.)

Use this website by finding your country of study, and the % of debt by GDP and by person.

United States Census Bureau –

U.S. Daily Population Clock

(Links to an external site.)

This website includes details such as births/deaths and int’l migrants.

Wikipedia –

List of countries and dependencies by population

(Links to an external site.)

Wikipedia –

Minimum wage for countries around the world

(Links to an external site.)


Your introduction asked you to think about the impact of globalization on a personal level, but this activity allows you to take the ideas of globalization a bit further and

discuss any key concept that is highlighted in the text

, such as “Emerging Opportunities” or “World Focus” boxes, and how they relate to some of the websites listed above.



the readings and resources provided this week.


your initial post, answer the following:

NOTE: Please b

e sure to list the subtopic that defines your discussion in the subject line of your initial post.

Be sure to cite at least (1) additional outside resource (other than your textbook) that supports your ideas.


to at least (2) peers initial posts and continue to support your thoughts by citing course material and outside resources.

Correct academic


is required.



For grading criteria, refer to the

Discussions Rubric

in the Assignments and Rubrics section of Getting Started.


Initial substantive post of

at least 150 words

is due


by 11:55 PM CT.

Your substantive responses of

approximately 75 words


at least two

peers are due


by 11:55 PM

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