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1. Pretend you have a friend who is starting college next semester. Your friend is worried about taking more

difficult courses than they have in the past. They heard you’ve learned a lot about how students can thrive

in school – especially related to topics such as motivation, memory, happiness, and coping with stress – in

this course, so they come to you asking for advice. They are not interested in your personal experience

as a college student, but they are interested in psychologically-informed, research-based tips they

can apply to be an effective student themselves.

For this essay, please write about how your friend can apply at least three specific concepts from this

course to thrive in school. These concepts should draw from different topics, such as motivation,

memory, happiness, and coping with stress. Please be specific in writing about what the concepts are

and how your friend could apply them to be an effective student. Please also explain what you

learned about in this course that suggests these concepts will help your friend be more effective as a


2. Throughout this course, you have identified questions about course material you are curious about. For

this essay, you are to identify the one question you currently most resonate with – related to

Psychology and human behavior – stimulated by this course. This need not be a question you

specifically asked in one of your assignments. It could be one that many of your other questions circled

around. The question needs to be one you have not yet fully resolved (or it’s no longer an active

question) and should be your own (not identical to questions posed by anyone else in the course,

including me). More specifically, for this essay, please do the following:

a. State your question. (This can be a 1-sentence answer.) As part of this, please make sure the

question is worded clearly and in a way that really reflects your interests. Make sure the question is

not yet fully resolved. I will be more impressed with (and therefore will grade more highly) questions

that show a clear connection to this course, tie together different topics we discussed and, if explored,

have the potential to advance knowledge on an important topic.

.b. Defend your question. Please explain why the question is an important question. I will be more

impressed with (and therefore will grade more highly) explanations that demonstrate how the

question is not just important for you personally, but for many people or society in general. Explain

how this question reflects an emphasis in the course (if it’s not obvious).

c. Explain what you learned about this question through this course. Please be as specific as

possible in connecting this with specific concepts / research findings in Psychology.

d. Explain what could be done to further explore this question in the future. Ideally, this would be

in the form of a brief research proposal that could be done in Psychology to advance an understanding

of the question (and, if you can do that convincingly, demonstrating a good understanding of research

methods in Psychology, your score on this essay will be higher). But, also please include specific

activities you might do to personally explore the question in the future.

Each of these essays is worth 10 points and will be graded stringently. (Excellent = 9-10, Adequate = 6-8,

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