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please respond to both peers individually. The respond must be 200 words or more. scholarly sources Onley with in the last 5 years 2017-2022.in-text citations no direct quotes.1-2 references for each.

Discussion 1

My role as a nurse in disaster preparedness and response is to provide first aid and medication assessing the state of victims, and monitoring mental health needs (

Nurses play a critical role in disaster response at NSC

2021). Patient population when a natural disaster occurs is high. Between all the patient already staying in the hospital, plus the new triage patients the hospital can become hectic. Also struggling with loss of power just adds on to the challenges as a nurse you need to be prepared for. Gaining more hands on training to supplement my academic study of disaster management is volunteering to help when a natural disaster occurs. I believe you never feel more prepared, all you do is try your best and keep a good strategy when these hectic events occur. However, there is a a free disaster training with Red Cross for volunteers to supplement with this course (

Disaster preparedness: Disaster relief training



Our role as a nurse in a disaster is to support our patience and provide them with safety. During a natural disaster such as Sandy some complications the nurse may face are a loss of electrical power. This can pose a problem because patients rely heavy on IV machines, ventilators, suction devise, vital machines, and many other necessary items. When these items are no longer able to be used, the nurse will have to use all of her skills to manage the patients accordingly. Something as simple as a bed alarm for a patient who is confused and getting out of bed, may require coming up with alternative ways to make sure the patient does not injure themselves. Disaster classes and scenarios will help the nurse better understand how to stay calm and use the resources available to them. Scenarios are great way to get the nurses to experience a small amount of what the real stress might feel like.

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