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MKT 323
Group Project
Yosra Missaoui
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Wednesday 21 April 2021
Deadline: Wednesday 21 /04/2021
1. Each group consists of 5 members.
2. This assignment consists of 3 questions only.
3. Please type your assignment as follows: Ø Font Size 12 Ø Times New Roman Ø Doublespaced on A4 paper.
4. The contents of the assignment must be based on your opinion, discussion; details your own
critical thinking.
5. Your assignment must be written in English only.
6. Plagiarism, copying, and cheating will NOT be awarded any mark, and disciplinary actions
will be taken instead.
7. Your assignment must be submitted by LMS before the deadline week 14: Wednesday 21
April 2021 and the time as follows: from 00.00 am to 23.55 pm. Those who DOT NOT submits
ON TIME considered a late submission. Your mark will be deducted in this case.
8. The assignment constitutes 20 % of the course marks.
10. You are required to prepare a front cover for your assignment.
To assess learners ‘ability to search and apply the key concept and principles of e-marketing.
Students are required to do the below activities on or before the completion of the allotted time:
Select one of these three websites and visit it in order to achieve the different activities of the project
1) https://arabianoud.com/
2) https://www.almarai.com/
3) https://www.fitnesstime.com.sa/en-sa/
1. Analyze the 7c’s of this website. Then make a list of recommendations to improve the 7C’s of this
website. (7 marks )
2. Analyze the 3 type of media (owned , paid , and earned media ) used by the company that you
selected , explain how the company is using each type of media by giving evidences and examples
(pictures , links , platforms, application name , screenshots of google ranking … ) . (9 marks )
3. Give a list of recommendations to improve the performance of each type of media (4 marks).
Note: Be creative and focus on the creation of the customer value in each step of this
Chapter 4 will helps you when analysing the 7C’s of the website
Try also to analyze if the website
Clearly answers “Who I am,” “What I do,” and/or “What can you (the visitor) do here.”?
Resonates with the target audience?
Communicates a compelling value proposition?
Is optimized for multiple devices?
Includes calls-to-action (CTAs)?
Chapters 7 and 8 will help you when analysing the 3 type of media (owned, paid, and earned media).

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