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The assignment should include Cover page and one page of questions and answers format. You can directly answer the questions. The questions and instructions picture is attached below. Also the questions might be related with previous assignment which I have attached below too.

Santa Fe Grills Statistical Analysis
Name: Alina Basnet
Professor: Dr. Alma Mintu-Wimsatt
MKT 436 01W: Marketing Research
Statistical Analysis
1. How many males and females responded to the survey(x32)?
The sample size of the survey N= 405
2. What percentage saw an ad of Santa Fe in the past 60 days (x31)?
33% which is 135 out of 405 people saw an ad of Santa Fe in the past 60 days.
3. How many sample respondents have recently eaten at Santa Fe? What was the average
(use mean median or mode) distance traveled by Santa Fe customers only (x30).
405 sample respondents have eaten at Santa Fe. The average distance traveled by Santa
Fe customers is the Median = 2.00. The variable is using an ordinal scale.
4. For Santa Fe recent customers only, what is the mean, median and mode for X13? Based
on the results, is Santa Fe considered a fun place to eat?
The mean= 4.64, The median= 5.00 and the Mode= 5.00. The data is slightly skewed left
because the mean less than the median. We use median to describe the central tendency
of skewed data and ordinal data. According to the median, the scales highest is 7 and 2
being considered lowest, Santa Fe is neutrally considered a fun place to eat with majority
rating the hotel 5.00.
5. For Santa Fe recent customers only, what is the mean, median and mode for x22? Based
on the results, is the sample satisfied of Santa Fe?
The mean=4.83, the median= 5.00 and the mode= 4.00. Since we are using an Ordinal
scale 3-7 with 3 being very unsatisfied and 7 being highly satisfied, we focus on median
to explain central tendency. According to the median, the sample is neutral concerning
Santa Fe satisfaction at 5.00.
6. For all survey respondents, what is the correlation r, between fun place to eat(x13) and
satisfaction(x22)? Is the correlation significant? What does your answer mean?
The correlation between fun place to be and satisfaction is 0.2191 this implies a partial
positive linear correlation. There is sufficient proof to conclude that there is a substantial
linear relationship between fun place to eat and satisfaction because the P value
0.0000086 is less than the significant level of 0.05. According to the information, a
customer that is not satisfied will agree that the place is not fun to eat.
7. For all survey respondents, conduct a linear regression analysis with X22 as the
independent variable and the likelihood to return x23 as the dependent variable. Run the
statistical regression analysis. Write the linear equation for this regression analysis based
on the results. Make sure you write the specific name of the variables representing your X
and Y.
Level of Likelihood to return = 0.8135 level of customer satisfaction + 0.535. According
to the regression equation, when the level of customer satisfaction is at 0 units the
likelihood to return is 0.5. An increase in the likelihood to return by one unit is caused by
an increase in customer satisfaction by 0.8 units.
8. What do the results of the linear regression mean? Does satisfaction affect likelihood to
The correlation between likelihood to return and customer satisfaction is r= 0.824. This
implies a positive correlation; low customer satisfaction tends to be associated with low
likelihood to return. There is sufficient evidence to conclude that satisfaction statistically
affects likelihood to return because the p value is 0 which is lower than the significant
level of 0.05.
9. What is the R squared?
R squared= 0.6786 or 67.86%
10. What does the R square mean with regards to satisfaction and likelihood to return?
According to the data, 67.87% of variation in likelihood to return can be explained by
variation in satisfaction.
11. What is the correlation between fun place to eat and satisfaction?
The correlation= 0.2191
12. What is the equation of the line x22 affecting x23?
x23=0.8135 x22 + 0.5352.
SOLUTION: Business 415 (4 quest X
B Course Schedule – Fall 2020 – Ma X
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Read your syllabus carefully on instructions pertaining to the completion and submission of
your assignment. Submission format is important and no late assignments will be accepted.
Assignment #6: Santa Fe Grill (SFG) Recommendations
Carrying over some the results you generated in Assignment #5:
Survey respondents (n=405): 264 males and 141 females
Of recent customers, there were 253 SFG respondents and 152 Jose Southwestern
• Of SFG respondents (n=253) – Males 176; Females 77
Among the 253 SFG customers, the median (in lieu of mean) distance traveled
miles. Frequencies were as follows: less than 1 mile – 86; 1-5 miles -76; and more
than 5 miles – 91.
• Respondents who saw a SFG ad in the past 6 months – 33%
• Correlation (n=405) between fun and satisfaction is 21
Additional calculations:
1.12. +.67 (Satisfaction of SFG customers) = Likelihood of SFG customers to return
Regression equation above is significant at p
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