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I need you to get really into this assignment… you will be selling homebaked goods like cupcakes and cakes. You will not need to worry about the video presentation but do understand he will be having to do one later on.





Written Presentation Plan Assignment

Complete the outline. This will help you get your thoughts together before you begin your video presentation. Do Not Read this outline for your final presentation.

Use the following general criteria for this assignment.

Use Times New Roman 12 point, double spaced

Cover Page

Make the layout of your paper easy to read by using bold headers and bullet points when necessary

Deadline, Sunday

Submit to the Dropbox provided

In the field of selling, there are 2 elements that are a way of life…Deadlines and Grammar! Sales professionals are required to utilize both on a daily basis. This assignment is due on or before the deadline. In addition, grading will be based on proper grammar

Use the following specific criteria for this assignment:

Salespeople need to be prepared to give a sales presentation. The best way to prepare for a sales presentation is to visualize what might occur during the actual presentation and prepare for the unexpected questions that may occur. This written exercise will help you to prepare for a face-to-face presentation. In addition, you may want to use part of this written assignment to help you prepare for your final presentation. Remember this may seem like a simple form BUT I am looking for details in this paper. Anticipate and visualize your 5-10 minute presentation and how will you demonstrate your product’s features and benefits.

Written Sales Presentation Plan Form – Follow the outline and answer all questions; set it up in an easy to read format.

Select Your Product: Select a product you are passionate about trying to sell

(this was initially submitted to the instructor in week 7


Features of your product or service: Write out all the major features of your product/service

Benefits of your product or service: Write out all the major benefits of your product/service

Visual Aids to be used during the presentation: Explain what visual aids you will use during your presentation

Approaching the Customer

Prospecting: Select a potential buyer for your product.

Client Profile:

Buyer’s Name: ( I will write the name )

Explain why this is a good potential buyer for your product.

Starting the Sales Call

Write your introduction. What do you plan to say to begin your presentation? How will you introduce yourself? This should be no more than two to three sentences.

The ADAPT Method

Write out 3 Open-Ended questions that will allow the buyer to talk and you to assess the situation

Write out 3 Open-Ended questions that will allow the buyer to talk and you to discover more about the buyers situation

Write out 3 Close-Ended questions that allow you to actively narrow the focus of the sale

Write out 3 Close-Ended questions that allow you to project and narrow the focus of the sale

Write out 2 questions that allow you to transition into the closing and “ask” for the sale


Objections: Write out 3 objections you might hear from your buyer

Responses: Write out your response to each of the objections

Prospect Commitment

Write out a way to “ask” for the sale

Follow-up Action

Explain and identify actions you will take to follow up after the sale

Written Presentation Plan – 100 points

Deadline – 10 points per week

Grammar & Spelling –10 points

Features & Benefits – 10 points

Introduction – 10 points

Open Ended Questions – 15 points

Close Ended Questions – 15 points

Objections – 10 points

Ask for Commitment – 10 points

Follow-up Action – 10 points

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