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Week 6 Assignment: August 7- August13, By 11:59 p.m. E.S.T. Last assignment.
1. Read chapters 11 & 14.
2. Click on Discussion and answer the discussion question, watch the dates. For the
discussion, post an answer and post a reply to another posting. See Discussion rubric in
Handouts on Blackboard.
3. Due Saturday- Final Project Due.
Read the material on genograms in chapter 2. Make appointments with several members of
your family (multiple generations and branches) to interview them (in person or by
phone) about your family’s history. If you do not have a family business, find a family business
and interview them. Prepare a list of questions that captures special incidents, family stories,
special messages attributed to particular family members, family traditions, and values.
Be curious about what has happened in earlier generations and its impact for nextgeneration members of the family. Then, write your/the family’s story, following these steps:
1 Create a genogram of your own/interviewed family, displaying, at the very least, the
three most recent generations and the names and ages of parents, grandparents, and great grandparents on both your mother’s and your father’s sides. Next to their names, list any major
events or “family messages” attributed to those represented in the genogram; for
example, next to Grandpa you may display his favorite saying, “Working is Living.” You
may also want to list the state in the United States or the country where they lived.
2 Narrate your own personal history, diary, or story in a way that you share with the
reader what you know/have learned about your family history, about the relationship
between family members, about the relationship between the family and the business. Also
reflect on what this history has taught you about:
â–  Family values: work ethic, fairness, equality, equity, caring, commitment, etc.
■ The family’s hopes and aspirations through the generations
â–  The role of communications and information
â–  Conflicts, cutoffs, and the impact of illness, death, or divorce, etc.
â–  The role of money
â–  Departures from the family business, stock buy-sells between family members,
succession struggles
■ Peak experiences and notable successes in the family’s history
■ Family’s experience with in-laws and the perspective on the family by in-laws
â–  Getting along in areas such as handling differences and uncovering and solving
â–  Commitment to legacy and family-business continuity
3 For the benefit of your family and business, what aspect of your family’s history is
worth preserving, and which should be left behind?
4 The paper should be four to five (double-spaced) pages long. Your professor
should make adequate provisions to ensure that this material will be handled with the utmost

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