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discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of mentors during the course.

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According to the World Health Organization, health policy infers to “decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society (World Health Organization 2020).” Health care policy can be divided into two, those associated with health care affordability and those related to mental health care. Health policy influences the entire healthcare system, including patients and providers. Health care providers, including nurses, significantly affect the development, execution, and assessment of health policies in their communities. Health care providers are strategical and positioned to understand the challenges that hinder them from delivering quality healthcare services (Campos & Reich, 2019). Therefore, it is vital for nurses to take leadership roles and participate in political activities; this will enable them to influence and propose policies geared towards enhancing health care outcomes. An example of a health care policy is the Affordable Care Act, which aims to increase access to health care by improving insurance coverage (Béland et al., 2019).

Also, Health Policy plays a critical role in establishing consensus between different parties in a health system or a community. The current paper seeks to reflect on health policy, politics, and the impact of mentors during the course.

It is crucial to appreciate that politics play a vital role in health affairs or issues. For instance, having a good political will ensures that health care policies aimed at improving health are passed in Congress without setbacks. Understanding the political parameters of health policy allows health care providers to undertake more feasible studies and evaluations that better anticipate both the advantages and limitations of government action and develop comprehensive policies and interventions (Campos & Reich, 2019). Therefore, it is vital for nurses and generally health care professions to take an active role in politics.

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Politics has a vital role in the administration of health care, whether for good or ill. Defining the role of political analysis in addressing public health issues, such as illness and injury prevention and the reform of health care systems, is the goal of this debate An examination of the elements that lead to health concerns being included on the policy agenda is the first step. How the government responds depends on how seriously people take the issue, who bears responsibility for it, and which groups are harmed.

When faced with major public health crises, politicians are more likely to implement incremental policy adjustments rather than complete reforms because of restricted rationality, fragmented political structures, pushback from concentrated interests, and budgetary restrictions. It then outlines the conditions under which a major shift in health policy may be implemented. As a result, the focus is on key points in policy development and the role of policy entrepreneurs in securing new avenues for growth (Oliver, 2006). In the last segment, we’ll talk about the challenges facing government officials and organizations tasked with implementing and administering health policy. People in the field of public health who are conversant with the political dimensions of health policy are better equipped to undertake realistic research and assessments, anticipate the possibilities and limitations of government action, and develop more effective policies and programs.

Nurses are well positioned for reforming health care in ways that promote a healthier
public and reduce healthcare cost. Discuss the role nurse plays in COVID vaccination
mandate, telemedicine, and prescription drug pricing as advocates in the healthcare
The purpose of learning the ropes of policy, politics and advocacy is to influence health care or broader
social agendas that influence human health. Discuss a time where you influence health care through
Select Health Policy Analysis Paper on a local, state, or federal policy that you have
explored along with recommendations based upon the analysis.
The Changing United States Health Care System
A Primer on Health Economics of Nursing and Health Policy
Financing Health Care in the United States
The Affordable Care Act:
Historical Context and an Introduction to the State of Health Care in the United
Health Insurance Exchanges: Expanding Access to Health Care
Patient Engagement and Public Policy: Emerging New Paradigms and Roles
The Marinated Mind
How should healthcare professionals proactively plan to update their knowledge and
skills to respond to the major public health issues and challenges facing them and their
Theme: Types of Health Care Settings
Identify some of the social, ethical, and economic reasons for addressing immigration
policy reform.
On what policy issues might nurses lobby Congress? What strategies might nurse use
to have their voices heard?
Think about a familiar clinical practice area where interest groups are attempting to
bring about a change in clinical care or systems of service delivery. Assume new,
game-changing research finding are published and received wide attention. Identify
groups that might have an interest in these finding. What are their likely reactions to
new research?
How should nurses assure policy change for advanced practice registered nurses?”
What role does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) play in addressing workforce shortages in
rural communities?
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with physician
organizations when pursuing FPA legislation.
WEEk 12
Agency Synopsis PowerPoint Presentation
You will create a grid listing 5 regulatory agencies that regulate health and the health
care system within the United States.
You will answer the following based on the 5 regulatory agencies:
 Describe the agency, level of regulatory authority (local, state, federal,), scope
of regulatory authority, and role within the U.S. healthcare system.
 The relevance of the organization or the organization’s authority to the
DNP/FNP graduate.
 Describe the relevance to specialty area, area of practice, or setting of
Discuss the most effective levels of engagement that nurses can provide communities?
What are the ways in which a population health focus might be applied in transforming
the health care delivery system?
Welcome to our reflection discussion. Please reflect on the topics we have covered over
the last 15 weeks, discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of
mentors during the course.

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