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Welcome to our reflection discussion. Please reflect on the topics we have covered over the last 15 weeks, discuss healthcare policy and politic and discuss the impact of mentors during the course.

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Any effort to improve the health system’s performance needs to address the policy implementation challenges. Therefore, we focus on one element of implementation, which is the policy implementation politics within the health sector, especially on the stakeholder’s management, to facilitate team improvement in their many opportunities of achieving the policy’s objectives. Generally, the health policy analysis tends to emphasize the policy design issues and adoption over policy implementation questions. Despite the overlapping phases of the policy cycle and sharing various common challenges, there is still a focus on policy implementation. There is, therefore, the need for correcting that particular gap within the literature. We build on the knowledge concerning the implementation of health policy in both low-and middle-income countries to highlight a way to identify and address some of the main issues. The health reform implementation or the health policy is referred to through an understanding that reform in health is composed of many different policies that seek to gain a system-wide range. In talking about health policy, we imply a decision by the government and an action plan to progress towards the health system goals: increased satisfaction by the client, increased protection of financial risk, and improved health status population (Nardia & Sjaaf, 2021).

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Besides, Politics and Health Policy play a fundamental role in population health. For instance, countries with social democratic regimes and lower-income inequality have healthier populations (Campos & Reich, 2019). There are a number of health-related policies, including the Affordable Care Act and policies prohibiting smoking in public and working place. Health care professions have a significant impact on health policy. Nurses, in particular, implement health policy and have the ability to influence health care systems and organizations to improve patient health outcomes. Nurses are on the front lines of care, so it is frequently their responsibility to translate complex health policies and procedures into one-on-one patient interactions.

Mentors play a fundamental role as they enhance learning opportunities. I must admit that mentors during the course helped me to deal with challenging aspects. Also, they helped me to avoid mistakes that would rather occur. Additionally, mentors influence students to realize their goals and inspire them to pursue leadership skills.

In conclusion, Health policy influences the entire healthcare system, including patients and providers. Health care providers, including nurses, significantly affect the development, execution, and assessment of health policies in their communities. Health care providers are strategically positioned to understand the challenges that hinder them from delivering quality health care services. Therefore, it is vital for nurses to take leadership roles and participate in political activities; this will enable them to influence and propose policies geared towards enhancing health care outcomes. It is essential to appreciate that politics play a vital role in health affairs or issues.

Miami Regional University.
Danays Ramirez Norman
Date of Encounter: 06/10/2022
Preceptor,Clinical Site: Isabel Rico
Clinical Instructor: Dr. Gustavo Ramirez, FNP-C,ARNP.
Soap Note # 1 Main Diagnosis ( DxHypertension)
Patient Information:
Name: Ms. Kalina Lamie Al Shaaer.
Age: 57 years old Gender at Birth: Female Gender Identity: Female Source: Patient
Allergies: No allergies.
Current Medications: Omega 3 Fish oil 1 capsule daily.
Aspirin 81 mg 1 tablet daily in the morning.
Melatonin 10 mg 1 tablet at bedtime.
PMH: Insomnia.
Immunizations: Covid Vaccine (Pfizer)3 doses last year. Preventive studie care: Endoscopia 3 years
ago with results (Negative) Surgical History: No history.
Family History: Father- alive 89 no information obtained.
Mother- dead, 87 years old, NSTEMI, Hypertension.
Daughter-alive, 24 years old, Anxiety.
Social History: Antecedents of smoking history , no drugs, no alcohol, beverage ocassional in social
celebrations. Employee, Married he lives with your daughter and husband.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nutrition History: Diet full in carbohidrates and grasas.
Subjective Data:
Chief Complaint: dizziness that begin in the work last three weeks.
Patient with 57 years old female who is complaining of dizziness a lot accompanied of headache all
day in hours of work that difficult your concentration in the place. She have a Blood pression high in
3 different occasions, blood pressure was take for the coworker and then for the nurse of place,
which was high (152/110, 169/108 and 170/120 respectively). Patient notified that the problem
begin when she noted more problems in the job for excessive work , started last three weeks and
sometimes it is accompanied by headache intense that not better. She declared that she has been
under pression in his workplace for the last three weeks. She no complaining of pain in chest ,
nausea, vomiting or dyspnea.
Review of System:
Constitutional: No complaining of fever or chills. No weight lost.
Neurologic: Dizzines and Headache persisten as describe above. Denies changes in LOC. Denies
history of seizure or tremos.
Heent Head: No change in LOC, No head injury or traumatic .
Eyes: No complaining of blurred vision or injury in eyes.
Ear: No complain of pain in the ears. No traumatic injury or noted drainage. Nose: No noted
nasal drainage, or discharge or congestion.
Throat: Denies throat pain, difficulty for breathing, difficulty swallowing.
Respiratory: No disnea, no shortness of breath.
Cardiovascular: No complaining of pain . No taquicardiac , no gallope rythm.
Gastrointestinal: Abdomen plain no tender , no distended, no complaining of pain, no nausea,
no vomiting.
Genitourinary: No dysuria, no hematuria o urinary frequency. Urine clear yellow .
Musculoeskeletal: Denies falls or pain. Denies hearing a clicking or snapping sound.
Skin: No lesions or change of coloration in the skin, no macula, no papula ,no vesicula in skin
Objective Data: Vital Signs: Temperature: 97.5 °F, Pulse: 97, BP: 170/120 mmhg, RR 19, PO2-97%
on room air, Height 5’4”, Weight: 200 lb, BMI 34.3 (Obese) Report pain 5/10.
General Apparence: The patient is alert and oriented x 3. No distress noted.
Neurologic: Alert, intact, oriented to person, place, and time. Sensation intact to bilateral upper and
lower extremities.
Head: Normocelica, normocefalica
Eyes: No injection in the conjuctival, no icterus noted , visual vision intact, movementes oculares
intact. No nystagmus noted. Ears: Bilateral canals patent no noted edema ,erythema or any discharge.
Bilateral tympanic membranes intact, pearly gray with sharp cone of light. Maxillary sinuses firmes no
complain of pain . Nasal mucosa moist no presence of bleeding. Oral mucosa without lesions interior ,.
Lids properly for characteristics.
Neck: No noted presence of lymphadenopathy, nodules or masas in the area.
Cardiovascular: Ruids cardiacs rythmics and audibles, no soplos , no Gallope rythmics audible ,
Capillary refill
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