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Assig 1; 200 words
You are required to visit an art museum and write a response to a piece of art. You are to
evaluate the subject and give your opinion as to the successes and failures of the subject. There
will be no wrong or right opinions to these essays. Your grade is based on how effectively you
support your opinion. I have provided information on Canvas that will further detail the
Assig 2; 350 words
Who is your favorite writer? And why? (200 words)
My favorite writer is Pierre Alex Jeanty, an author, and influencer from Haiti. I love
his writings because his poetry and quotes are reflective and relatable to everyone.
Many of his poems are about love and self-love and are very inspirational. For
example, readers can learn to heal from past relationships or former partners and find
closure. I believe that once you read his books, it can have an underlying impact on
those who read them. Through his life experiences, he can share words from his
observations. I like reading books or poetry that have a philosophical approach to
thinking and are great conversation pieces. If you haven’t heard of him, I highly
recommend his books, “Her” and “Ashes or Her Love,” because it is very
empowering. (This is one of my classmate’s posts, kindly respond with 150 words)
Assig 3; 350 words
Discussion: How can Theatre improve your quality of life, other than as
entertainment? (200 words)
Theatre has improved my quality of life by reflecting on how I see the world. We
learn from what we see and what is portrayed in front of us. My son was into theatre
as a high schooler and the transformation he would make when getting into character
was very impressive. Then to see how it play out on the stage warmed my heart.
Theatre takes you places in live time you’ve never been before. Expanding my mind
and thought process is achieved for me through theatre. We connect with theatre as
humans beyond culture and time. (This is one of my classmate’s posts, kindly respond
with 150 words)
Assig 4; 200 words
Discussion: What styles of Cinema do you like and dislike. Share why, as well.
Assig 5;
Assig 5; 350 words
Discussion: Share an experience you have had with a style of dance from the chapter
Ballet dance would be the style of dance I’ve had the most experience with. My
daughter danced for 16 years and loved all forms of dance. Her most challenging was
ballet. she would always practice to be her craft and working out to get stronger. Her
flexibility became unmatched she would be able to arabesque so beautifully. I
would watch her practice all day. It was relaxing for me to enjoy her focus and train
her body how to move in ways unbeknownst to me. At some point in time she was
contemplating becoming a full time dancer. But nevertheless her dream from 4 years
old was to become an attorney. My niece did further her dance career by becoming a
New Orleans Pelicans dancer and she attribute her training in ballet for helping her
make the team. (This is one of my classmate’s posts, kindly respond with 150 words)
Assig 6; 200 words
Discussion: What is the most important thing you learned in this course?

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