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please answer the following questions. If you need anything please let me thank you. Everything you need to know is in the document.

Fake news or science
To demonstrate how confirmation bias works and identify strengths and weaknesses of
mainstream psychology articles.
Go to google
(Links to an external site.)
and do a search on a topic related to psychology. Some potential search terms include (you can
use your own terms too as long as the theme is around psychology):
Alzheimer’s and telomeres
Environmental determinants of autism
Social media use and memory
Marijuana and memory
Social media and self-esteem
COVID-19 and coping
Political ideology and parenting style
Once you have completed your search, please answer the following questions:
1. What search term did you use
2. Insert a screen shot of the results that were generated
3. Think about your own “filter bubble” do you think your search generated results based on
your prior search history and who you follow, links you click, etc? Why or why not?
Pick one of the first THREE search results. Copy and paste the article link and
summarize the article findings in 3-4 sentences.
Now, analyze the quality of the article and address the following things:
Where was the article published?
What are the author’s credentials- are they qualified to write this article?
Did the author cite their sources either directly in the article or in a reference page
at the end (or both)?
Did the author make any emotional appeals?
Did the author present the information through a specific lens or was the focus
mainly on facts?
Explore a psychology sub field
To explore the different career paths of a psychology major.
When people think of a psychologist, one of the first images that may come to mind is therapy.
However, you can go into many different careers with a degree in psychology! For this
assignment, I want you to explore what you can do with a degree in psychology.
Please visit this APA website
(Links to an external site.)
and explore the various careers in psychology. The “Careers in Psychology” tab at the top is a
great place to start, as is the “Resources” tab.
Then, visit this page
(Links to an external site.)
as well.
After spending some time researching, please answer the following things:
What types of careers are available with a bachelor’s in psychology?
What types of careers are available with a master’s in psychology?
Pick one career that was particularly interesting to you. Summarize the career and why
you feel it is appealing.
Did anything stand out to you regarding the required level of education for certain types
of careers?
Is Psychology a science ?
To form an argument on whether psychology is a science.
After reading your textbook and listening to the podcast on whether psychology is a science,
please answer the following questions:
1. Define psychology in your own words
2. Do you think psychology is a science? Provide at least two specific examples from the
podcast to form your argument.
3. How have your lived experiences- such as where you grew up and with whom and your
cultural values shaped your views of psychology?
4. What question(s) do you have after to the podcast. Be sure to include references to
specific parts of the podcast in your response.
5. Answer another student’s question about the podcast.

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