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The Life of a Mail Carrier
Everyone has had some form of interaction with the post office. You know your mail
carrier by their first name, you talk to them at your mailbox, or you visit your local post office
branch a lot. We all have interacted with someone representing the postal service. Before I
switched careers, I used to carry mail for rural Kansas City, MO. I’ll provide you the steps that
every mail carrier goes through from the time you clock in to clock out.
You should arrive by 0830 hours. You must walk over to the supervisor’s desk and
sign out your delivery vehicle keys and CBU key if necessary. A CBU unit is a metal
cluster box that can house up to twelve addresses, essentially replaces.
With keys in hand, walk over to your route case and check for anything that might
have been left behind after you clocked out yesterday and address any issues. If your
route case is clear, leave your belongings at the case and proceed to find the route
vehicle you’ll be driving. (https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Photos/US-Postal-ServiceOffice)
Vehicles can change hands many times a day. Where you parked the day before is not
where it’ll be the next working day. When you find it, be sure to perform safety
checks of the vehicle, outside and inside. Check that lights, turn signals, dashboard
fan all work. Start vehicle, check gas gauge, check that tires are inflated, mirrors are
attached, doors open/close and lock, windows work up/down. If any problems, call
transportation immediately for repairs. There’s never a specific time when they show
up to repair problems. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oDVsf29tyk)
If vehicle passes safety inspection, walk back inside, and collect today’s mail. Mail is
delivered in a BMC cart, like airplane luggage
ces_of_equipment/). DPS mail trays are never in any order and may require you
having to take out many trays to retrieve your route mail. When you return to your
case, MLA (magazines) should arrive via plastic tubs, and they also are not in any
order. I would recommend you case the route by address, it makes delivering on the
streets easier, but you also have the option to take every to the street. Before you
leave, check the “hot case” area for any miscellaneous mail and/or magazines that
was misrouted the day before and be sure to case that up too.
Usually all mail/magazines should be at the office by 1000 hours, otherwise you must
wait until it does arrive. The longer it takes to arrive, the later you must stay and
avoid taking multiple trips to delivery the route and clock out. Once the packages get
cleared from the sorters, retrieve them, and start marking on the package and in the
cased mail, what address it belongs too. Use parcel markers if needed, they are very
Before you pull everything down and load up, check with your supervisor, and make
sure all routes are covered, if not, you must start casing any routes that have no one to
carry them. Most stations are down four routes per day. You must communicate with
your co-workers and figure out a plan on who does what and rotate people to each
route case to work it. If you must split up routes, you must load up whatever you plan
to take along with your route. When your finally ready to load your truck, proceed to
the crowded loading dock.
When your done loading the vehicle with two routes of mail and packages, its
probably lunch time already, (after 1200 hours). You can either eat on the go as you
drive to your route, or you can stop and eat before, your choice.
• As you arrive to your route and before you deliver to the first mailbox, you ready the
mail and packages within arms reach and proceed to drive and deliver to every
mailbox. In a span of ten minutes, you should be able to deliver about forty addresses,
including stops for packages.
You must look out for other pedestrians, parked vehicles, children, recreational
equipment, garbage containers, and DOGS! Drive defensively, and maneuver around
obstacles best as you can. Be sure to collect outgoing mail and packages from the
customers too.
A rural route takes about three hours to deliver everything. When you’ve completed, park
truck, remove key, and reshuffle mail and packages to set up for the extra half route you
took with you. When your done, continue onto the next route. Repeat the same process to
complete deliver of extra route. When you’ve completed the extra route, call your coworkers, and check on if they need assistance. If they do, proceed to their area and tagteam up and if they don’t, return to office.
When you have returned to the office, unload the truck, and place all outgoing mail and
packages in Outgoing area for the truck tonight to pick up. Then walk over to area for No
Such Number, Bad Address, or Return to Sender for mail that needs further information
and to be re-delivered after corrections are made. After that return to the route case and
clean up.
Your now done for the day, return any keys you signed out, and clock out.
More to the job of being a mail carrier than public knows.
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