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This is a video assignment, I want u write 500 words speech notes. I will provide 2 article, each write 250words

Research Video Assignment Guidelines

The most important thing to remember about this assignment is that it is a research paper in video form. That means it needs a bibliography, you need citations (but you can write them on the screen), you need an intro, an argument, a body, and a conclusion. But you’re speaking them on video instead of writing them.


The proposal should include

Full names of group members

Argument (this should be about 2 to 5 sentences long)

Three (probably not over five) sentences or bullet points which indicate how you are going to support or prove your argument.

A preliminary bibliography in Chicago (if you have not read what’s in it yet that’s totally fine, it’s preliminary) with ten or more academic articles or book chapters. Hint: you know who knows about a lot of stuff you could read? That’s right, I do.

Additional Information about the Final Video Project:

All members work on the video, but they do not all have to


in the video]. If someone is narrating the video their face must be visible at the start (or a photo)

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube. On YouTube the info box should contain the following language: “This video was created as part of a class assignment for the University of California, Irvine class “Korean Popular Culture” taught by Dr. CedarBough Saeji and Mr. Zach Gottesman. No copyright infringement is intended.” The info box should also include the bibliography.

The video should be 9:30-10:30 in length. Over or under will cost you points. Do you know how much you can read out loud in 10 minutes? Not even 6 pages. And you might want to show a video clip and stop talking as your audience watches it.

Please remember: Your video needs to have a clear argument. What does that mean? It means you need to say something that someone can argue with you about!!! You can’t just say something that’s a well known fact, or something that cannot be proved.


“Seola is the most talented member of WJSN”—this cannot be proved. It’s just opinion.

“Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world”—this is just a fact, only a fool would argue with you.

However, “although Korea is known for being a society that deeply respects the elderly, the high rate of elderly poverty demonstrates that Koreans have lost their filial piety” – that’s an argument. Someone can say you’re wrong for reasons, and you can say you’re right for your reasons.

The best thing you can do to make sure you’ll get a high grade is to develop a good argument during the proposal.

Your argument should be supported with at least three pieces of evidence. These are the ways you prove that your argument is right. If you cannot think of these (and probably 1 or 2 academic readings you can cite for each) you might want to change your topic.

If the video sounds like a basic bio/overview of a director or an affirmation of how great K-pop is, your grade will suffer. Find something unique and interesting to focus on and avoid giving basic information. Don’t waste time on background. Your audience is your peers in the class—make something that meets them at their level of knowledge.

The video should have, five academic sources used in it—with a citation typed on the screen at the moment the narrator mentions the ideas of that scholar. If you want full points for citations you need to have six or seven. They should be from academic journals or academic books.


When you submit your video, I also want each member of the class to email Mr. Gottesman (zgottesm@uci.edu) with a short explanation of the work done by other members of your group, and how well they held up their end of the project with a score out of 100.

“YYY was always present for group meetings, she found several good sources and wrote the rough draft of the script for the main part of the video. 95”

“ZZZ missed some meetings, didn’t complete the research we assigned to her, and never initiated anything. Although she read the narration for half the video, it was stressful to work with her and she didn’t help think through the ideas that we used, she didn’t even propose a single idea. 71/100.”

I will average the scores given by your group mates and I will give you the lower score of your video project grade or your group-given score. Don’t let your team down. If you don’t have great ideas, work hard on video editing. Work it out with your group so they feel like you contributed.

Example: The video is good, it earns a 94. But the average peer evaluation score for ZZZ is 78. Therefore ZZZ will earn 78 for this assignment, while YYY, who is a member of the same group got an average score of 96, and will receive the 94 that the video earned.


1.You should probably avoid background music. If you use it, make sure that the mix is good so that your narrator’s voice is very easy to hear.

Doing something fresh or being funny will set your video apart.

The video screen should probably have the argument TYPED on it. It will be so clear that way! No one will miss your point.

All members of your group do not need to appear in the video—you can divide up writing, filming, editing, and being a narrator or actor as you choose. Please note that the narrator’s face must be shown at least for a few seconds in the video.

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