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task 1

During the course of your employment you may have experienced
working for both a male and female supervisor. Discuss from your personal point
of view the advantages/disadvantages and like/dislike of working for each
gender. Use real life experiences if applicable.

task 2

Students must read the chapter and other resources then discuss the following statement: “Health care costs are out of control in the United States, and increasing conflicts between employers and employees are likely as employers try to reduce their health benefits costs.

Primasry -250 words

1 secondary-150 words

Healthcare system has experienced a massive transformation during past few decades.
Technological advancement has led to lot of innovation and reformation in the
healthcare industry with establishment of high-tech medical facilities throughout the
globe (Durrani, H., 2016). This has significantly led to increase in the cost of healthcare
systems at an alarming rate. From a corporate standpoint, an employer should be fully
be concerned about the health and welfare of his employees as their performance is
directly linked with their physical and mental health. Employers should make a
significant commitment towards wellbeing and security due to the significant job they
play in giving health care coverage. Employers benefit in terms of fresh enrolment and
retain current skillful by offering a competitive healthcare plan.
United States healthcare system is one of the most complex and inefficient system in
the world as it structured to pay more money per capita and despite it has low life
expectancy rate in comparison to other developed countries. The health care industry is
majorly owned by private sector which has significantly led to increase in cost related
health insurance and medical facilities (Camillo, C., 2016). Every study has tracked
down that the private-area working with the public sector in the medical industry has
had the contrary impacts of what was indented, rather than driving down costs and
expanding productivity, it has significantly stirred up costs on a profit based motive
(Peters, B., 2016). To counter this additional incurring cost, many of the employers are
cutting down their budget on health care plans which are intended for the employees.
Conflicts are likely to emerge as employees may find it tough to sustain their health care
needs with their current pay and increasing healthcare costs. Employers should draft
and provide a flexible insurance plans as not every individual tends to spend differently
on the health care benefits. The distribution of plans from low range to high range will
help to curb the cost as healthy employees tend to settle for the low range options.
In any type of organization, workers play a significant role to expand the productivity of
work and benefits from an organization play a major role in motivating the employees to
achieve organizational goals. Cutting down on benefits is no solution to tackle the rising
healthcare costs. All the organizations should collectively counter this profit-oriented
healthcare industry and appeal to the government for a revolutionary change.
Withdrawing power from the private sector and gaining government control over
healthcare industry seems like a promising solution.
Camillo, Cheryl. (2016). The US Healthcare System: Complex and Unequal. Global
Social Welfare. 3. 151. 10.1007/s40609-016-0075-z.
Durrani H. (2016). Healthcare and healthcare systems: inspiring progress and
prospects. mHealth, 2, 3. https://doi.org/10.3978/j.issn.2306-9740.2016.01.03
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SAGE. London.

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