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I need a 10 page research paper that written from the perspective of a person whose second language is English, so you don’t need comlpex sentences. The topic is Esports should be considered as a sport. Basically it should be about 10 pagaes and use 10 creditable source. I’ve already created a proposal and outline in the attached files. And also I have already found 4 sources you can find 6 more and use in the paper. In the outline, I have ideas for 2 paragraphs, you can follow my ideas to structure the paragraph and witre more paragraphs with the sources you find. Thank you!

topic form
My research question is:
Should Esports be considered as sport?
My thesis is (put research question into statement form-complete sentence)
Esports should be considered as sports.
My thesis statement is stated as a single declarative sentence that emphasizes
the central focus or idea of my paper, and has been integrated into my
What are you going to prove in this paper?
People think that Esports is bad for people is a stereotype which is wrong.
Esports has the conditions to become sport.
Esports is popular among young people, sports need audience.
Esports makes money, so it is an industry.
Esports can let more children become athletes.
These are the issues I am going to examine to make this possible:
What is Esports.
What characteristics make Esports be considered as sports.
Approximately how many people participate in Esports events.
What does Esports bring to our society.
Why are you interested in this topic?
Because I see so many people are interested in Esports.
Esports become more and more popular.
I am interest in what are the benefits of Esports.
I think E-sports will bring more benefits to people if it is more formal
Introduce the issue, and then present it in question form.
Explain why it is compelling to you.
Describe what you already know about it.
Explain what more you need to learn.
Everyone has a memory of video games as they grow up. Video games are a
good way to rest and relax in people’s busy lives. In recent years, competitive
games have become more and more popular among young people. More and
more competitive games are held, and one word has entered our field of vision:
Esports. Some people say that Esports has a negative impact: wasting time and
squandering energy. Participating in Esports is not engage in honest work. Esports competitions are becoming more and more formal, and the degree of
popularity is getting higher and higher, and more people have become
professional players to represent the country. Is Esports bad? Should Esports be
considered as sports?
I am interested in whether e-sports can be regarded as a sport because I
played for e-sports team last year. I feel like I am doing the same thing with other
basketball players and football players, but no one pays attention to us. This
makes me curious about the development of the e-sports industry. If e-sports is
regarded by people as the same as traditional sports, we may receive more
attention and gain more support.
I know that Esports are actually very popular now. Every year, the World
Championship has a lot of information on social media. The live broadcast of the
competition is watched by many people, and the game will also have a lot of
advertising revenue, Esports has a great impact of people’s life.
What I need to spend more time researching is what the current scale of
Esports events is. If Esports is more formalized and regarded as a sport, what
benefits will it bring to us and even our society.
OUTLINE- example
I. Esports has features of sports.
A. Definition of sports.
1.Dictionary definition
2. NCAA definition
a. college athletes
b. organized by several college, student recognition.
B. Physical exertion and practice skills.
1. Chemical perspective
a. VO2
2. Physical perspective.
a. Blood pressure.
b. Energy consumption.
II. Esports be considered as sports has benefits.
A. Higher platform and more popular
1.More people participate in sports event.
a. Sports propaganda.
2. Economic growth
a. hosting of the event.
b. advertising
c. player salary.
B. More opportunities.
1. Student athletes.
a. athletes experience.
b. applies for college.
c. scholarship.
2. More job opportunities.
a. competition events.
b. Esports industry related.

Recognizing ESports as a Sport

Recognizing ESports as a Sport
Authors: Daniel Kane, Brandon D. Spradley
Affiliations: United States Sports Academy
Corresponding Author:
Daniel Kane
20 Ravenhurst Ave
Staten Island, NY 10310
Daniel Kane is a doctoral student at the United States Sports Academy pursuing his degree in
sports management.
The commentary is a theoretical framework that builds on the concept that eSports should be
considered a sport. The first part of the paper analyzes the definition of a sport and determines
that competitive video games should apply to the meaning. The second part of the paper
discusses how eSports should be recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA). In addition, the application of Title IX is applied to have eSports listed as an emerging
sport for women.
Keywords: eSports, NCAA, Title IX, video games
Recognizing ESports as a Sport
Sitting in front of a computer and playing video games is not the image that comes to mind
when a person thinks of an athlete. Instead, an image of someone who may not be physically fit
and lacks athletic abilities is usually the stereotype that is associated. In some cases, people
would refer to a gamer as a nerd or associate it with nerd culture (Kendall, 2011). The term
gamer can be used to classify many different types of people. The most popular classification
are people that play board games, collectible card games, and video games. For the purpose of
this paper, the term gamer will be used to describe individuals that participate in competitive
video gaming. With the advance of technology, competitive video gamers are starting to
demonstrate the same athletic properties as traditional sports athlete. The concept of video
games has also changed. Instead of playing video games recreationally, people are starting to
play video games competitively in tournaments that closely resemble sports competition. This
review paper will attempt to build the theoretical framework that eSports should be considered
a sport and be recognized by The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
ESports Is a Sport
The first video game competition can be traced back to October 19, 1972, at Stanford
University’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in which about two dozen students competed
playing Spacewar (Li, 2016). One of the first recognized competitive tournaments in video
games was when Atari held a multi-city competition that offered 10,000 participants a chance to
become a world champion in Space Invaders (“Players Guide”, 1982). Since then the way video
games have been played has changed. The evolution of eSports is now known as competitive
video gaming (Li, 2016). For the purpose of this review paper, eSports will be a general term
that includes all the various eSports leagues from around the world. Each league could be
compared to a different sports league that plays the same sport such as the Ultimate Fighting
Championship (UFC), Bellator and Invicta Fighting Championship. The various eSports leagues
have different rules, play different games, rank professionals differently and host tournaments
and competitions. The consistent aspect throughout the leagues is that the competitors play
video games and the athletes that win matches consistently could progress to a professional
Seven-figure salaries, sold-out stadiums: Is pro video gaming a
By Henry Young, CNN
Updated 8:00 AM EDT, Tue May 31, 2016
(CNN) —
Hordes of fans queue outside, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of their heroes.
Inside, a shining trophy stands upon a pedestal. The players arrive, eyeing it covetously
as they make their way to their positions.
Suited pundits have had their say and hand over to the commentators.
One team forms a pre-match huddle; the other waits patiently for the game to
A stirring light show ceases; a chanting crowd falls to an expectant hush.
But this isn’t the Champions League final. This isn’t Wimbledon. This isn’t the Super
Why ESPN Is So Serious
About Covering Esports
It doles out prize winnings in the tens of millions, has an intensely watchful
global viewership in the hundreds of millions, draws elite players with
unearthly reflexes, and it’s growth can legitimately be described as meteoric.
So naturally ESPN launched a dedicated vertical earlier this year to keep up
with esports, the burgeoning field of professional gaming.
Pro-gaming is set to generate upwards of a billion dollars in revenues by
2019, according to research firm Newzoo. That’s sent large media
companies looking for ways into the field, which ranges from pro-level
matches in games like League of Legends or Dota 2 to longtime PC
staple Starcraft. Games giant Activision Blizzard, which owns epic
franchises like Call of Duty and Warcraft, announced it was buying esports
outfit Major League Gaming in January for $46 million. Activision says it
has plans to launch a devoted cable TV channel. ESPN, which is owned by
Disney, has looked for new growth areas as subscribers and ratings growth
has stalled.
Here’s what ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com editor in chief Chad
Millman has to say about the company’s online esports push and the trend’s
You’re doubling down on esports, but you’ve been covering it
sporadically for some time, right?
That’s accurate. We’ve certainly been engaged in the events for a while and
broadcasting them on various platforms. It’s been on our radar and
something we’ve been interested in. Like what we did last year with an issue
of the magazine that was dedicated to esports, the esports issue, and what
we did earlier this year with the launch of the esports section [online] are
just the next phases of what was started.
Where did ESPN’s online esports initiative come from?
From our perspective, there’s a group of people within ESPN who have been
engaged in esports and saying “Wow, this is really cool and we’ve got to get
involved,” and also people who were just mad gamers and preaching the
quality of the competition and that this was an audience we wanted to get
What directly led to the launch of the site was, we had a brainstorming
meeting in June of 2014. At the time I was editor-in-chief of the magazine
and we had an all-staff brainstorming meeting and someone pitched doing
an esports issue. And we said “Well that’s interesting, we hadn’t considered
that before.” And we kept talking about it and developing the idea, watching
esports become consistently more popular and get a lot more coverage in
the mainstream.
So ultimately we found the stories we wanted to do and were able to get to
the narratives from the magazine perspective we wanted to. And we did that
issue in the spring of 2015, and the response was phenomenal. And from
there, we said “We need to do an Esports vertical.” So we spent the next
several months thinking about how do we want to cover it, who do we want
to cover it, and can we do it with credibility and authenticity so that it
serves the audience appropriately. And that’s how we ended up launching
the site in January.
• Research paper project
• Topic selection
• Library resources- your asynchronous class this week is a library
• Thesis
• Your possible topic and thesis will be due Thursday, March 11. It
will get feedback then submitted again by Tuesday, March 16your topic must be approved
-Argumentative (not informative)
• *must have an opinion- you are trying to “prove” your thesis
• -Specific
• *don’t just include a little bit of information about a lot of things.
• *develop fewer ideas thoroughly and completely
Argument means
You are going to “argue” or “prove” something
• That we should stop buying bottled water
• That wearing face masks prevents the spread of covid
• That a college education has lifetime benefits
• That university students can/cannot follow pandemic guidelines
• That college athletes should be paid
• That electric cars (or green buildings )are not environmentally
Length and sources
• – Length -9-10 pages
• – sources- 9-10 credible sources,1-2 scholarly articles, all sources
must past the evaluation test that we will study
• Works cited, References, or Bibliography at the end of the paper
• Abstract- a paragraph summary of the main points of the paper
needs to be included at the beginning, it is not part of the 9-10
• -Develop a question
*narrow enough to have a focus
*broad enough to find research
• Change your research question into a statement and you have a
preliminary thesis statement
• Use this source for ideas, to learn some more aspects of your
topic since Wikipedia is easy to understand.
• Look at the references listed at the end of the Wiki entry, these
may be good sources that you could use in your paper
• -Title page
• -Abstract page (I will show you how to write an abstract)
• -Paper
*Introduction (background information and a thesis)
*Body sections (can be introduced with a subtitle)
*Conclusion (NOT THE RESULTS! Future implications)
• -Reference page- contains all the sources you used in your
other information
• We will go over the rubric which I will use to grade your paper
• We will practice evaluating sources in class
• We will practice in text citations
• We will go over the 3 main styles use (MLA, APA, CHICAGO)
• Your topic must be approved
• You must hand in all parts of the paper to get credit – Parts 1-4
listed on a previous slide
• You will be given sources to help you navigate the library to find
• The staff in the library is there to help you, you can always email
them questions if you need help with finding sources for your
• Your asynchronous class will be a library activity and worksheet
Corona Virus Has Changed Our Life.
People have always been afraid of epidemics because they are invisible. The
SARS virus in the early 21st century is still a memory that many people do not want
to bring up. The pandemic has taken away many lives invisibly and impact people’s
life. Last year, a new epidemic emerged: Corona virus. Corona virus spread out
globally quick and caused panic. Government came up with methods to help people
prevent the virus and people have adopted those methods to fight against the
epidemic. Therefore, Corona virus has brought huge changes to people’s life from
different perspective. For the past year, people try their best to stay at home, avoid
connections with others, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently… It is significant
for everyone to do their part to fight against the epidemic. There are three major
categories of changes that the epidemic brought to us. Firstly, corona virus changed
people’s daily life. People must follow multiple rules to stay away from the virus.
Secondly, corona virus changed the way of people study and work. Finally, corona
virus changed people’s mood and feeling.
People’s daily life is changed by corona virus from multiple aspects. Mask are
required in public. In the past, people hardly wear a mask unless they are sick, but due
to the epidemic, everyone wear a mask if they go outside. People wash hands
frequently. Those habits became the signal of fighting against the corona virus. It is
hard for people to go out for exercises, so people work out at home. “The sales of
home fitness equipment increase 50% compare to the previous year.” (Schallom et al,
2021) “The capacity of transportation decreases about 15%” (Dartnell,2020) The
transportation also influenced by corona virus. “$30 billion lost in the airline
industry” (Kumar, Modalavalasa,2020) People reduce their travel times, so that there
are less cars on the street, which causes less traffic. Social activities are also reduced.
People stay at home, less parties or hangout. “The usage of internet and social media
let people reach each other even if they can’t meet.” (Dartnell,2020) People rely on
social media to get to know what is happening outside their window, even if they
cannot see themselves. The limitation leads to the popularity of social media industry.
“Last year, TikTok gained 181 million users and users spent time on TikTok increase
to21.5 hours per month.” (Schallom et al, 2021) People found that social media is the
new entertainment method during the pandemic period. Those changes are obvious
and is happening to everyone. Day by day, those changes have become people’s new
lifestyle, lead to a special development in a special period.
Another significant changes that corona virus brought to people are new ways of
work and study. “white-collar employees and professionals are 42% of U.S labor
since June from last year.” Working place switch from office in buildings to
employees’ home. People use internet, discuss their ideas and finish project by their
computer at home. People do not need to get up early and run into traffic anymore,
they just turn on their computer and do everything they need. It is totally different
from previous, white-collar employees seems found a more convenience way to make
a living. It is very helpful for saving time for more work. Schools set up various
regulations in their campus, student are taking online classes as well. “Family school
and virtual curriculum became more and more popular” (Kumar, Modalavalasa,
2020). The discussion of whether online courses are same as in person courses has
been talk for a long time. Student can not participate as well as before in online
classes. “Online study is not suitable for younger student because they lack social
experiences that real classroom has.” (Schallom. et al, 2021). School is not only the
place for student to gain knowledge, but they also have to meet people, hangout with
people, learn interpersonal communication and collect experience. To compare with
before, students lost opportunities to enjoy the school life. “White student gain twice
as much as student of color of learning progress.” (Schallom et al,2021) The
pandemic let students lost their fair learning platform. Online course leads to various
learning environment. Corona virus has made tremendous changes in people’s study
and work lives, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
People’s mood and atmosphere has changed because of the emergence of the
corona virus. The pandemic has negatively affected the mood and mental of young
people. “55% percent of young people have been surveyed having mental health
issue, including stress, anxiety, depression.” (Health essentials,2020) The epidemic
limits what people do, they feel lonely, confused of the virus, causes them a dawn
mood. Meanwhile, the epidemic seems gives people more time to spend with their
family. “Some people said they feel closer to their family members and build up new
connections” (Health essentials,2020) Because of stuck at a particular place, people
will forget the feeling of time. “By stop following the schedule, people lose expect for
new things” (Schallom et al,2021) Life became mechanization, repeating same thing
is one of the reasons that people lost their sense of time. In the past, people have faith
about upcoming events, step by step to reach their goals. Stay at home all the time and
living in the limitations, their will be no differences between today and tomorrow.
People’s mood and mentality may have become worse due to the monotonous life
brought by the epidemic.
Corona virus has changed our lives in many aspects, people’s daily life, in the
life of work and study, in mentality. When facing the epidemic, all people are equal.
The epidemic will end somedays, what people need to do is to adapt the special life in
this special period. If we do not want to be changed by the epidemic, we should
change ourselves.
The epidemic will continue, no one knows when the specific day
will it be end, but people should prepare for it with a positive attitude and Let the
good and bad things brought to us by these epidemics can help us improve our quality
of life.
Reference page:
1. The Covid-19 changes that could last long-term. ,Lewis Dartnell , 29th June,
2. Here’s How the coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives.
HealthEssentials , September,25,2020
3. 5 lasting changes from the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr.Vinayak Kuman, Ram
Prasad Modalavalasa
4. One year later:15 ways lufe has changed since the onset of the COVID
Rachel Schallom et al, March 9, 2021

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