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College of Information
Technology Department
of Information
Technology ITCS401:
Software Management
Section I (Preliminary work)
1. Study the business domains, such health sector,
infrastructure. As for example: health sector
2. Select the business domain of your interest and
identify the possible projects in that domain. As
for example: (appointment booking system/
medical insurance system/……..)
importance/feasibility and select the top most
project for the relevant development. Choose more
important project
4. Provide the potential cost and benefit analysis
for that project. In Excel sheet then copy the
content to word
5. Identify all stakeholders including project
6. Establish the scope of your project. Such as
example in the sent word ———-→ Scope
7. Analyze the skill set of your team members. As
areal team (who can do what?) imagine yourself to
be handler of project.
Section II (Detailed Plan & Management)
1. Select and justify Software Design and
Development Model to be used.
What methodology used in this project? Such as
incremental, waterfall, scrum, XP and so on….
Select which is suitable for your project and explain
it according to your project and why you choose
that one?
2. Establish (you can use previous project)
a. Functional requirements,
b. Non-functional requirements,
c. Constraints on technical platform (operating
systems, programming languages, types of
computers to be used).
3. Develop Time Management Plan for this software
design & development project, including:
a) Identify the set of activities and products to be
delivered based on these requirements. i.e.
Produce Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)
and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
b) Detailed project tasks (with duration and
predecessors for each task);
c) Sequence the activities (Project schedule
network diagram)
d) Gantt diagram (in MS Project format and CPM);
e) Total project time
4. Develop Cost Management Plan for this
software or CIS design & development project,
a. List of project human resources (with salaries);
(Here you allocate the resources to your project
b. List of project materials(with costs); such as
tools, techniques or any equipment may used
c. Project budget (according to a and b)
d. Miscellaneous cost, (if the staff requires any
training for skill shortage area, you can put it
5. Design a Team contract team management
a. Code of conducts (work proactively, keep other
team members informed …
how team member behave with one another?
b. Participation (Encourage diversity in team
work, provide opportunity for every member)
roles of participation
c. Communication (Keep discussions; present
ideas clearly and concisely)
what is the channel of communication?
Who can communicate with?
e. Problem solving (Strive to build on each
other’s ideas)
How they can solve the problems together?
What kind of meeting?
6. Closing
a. Establish the criteria/metrics for monitoring the
project progress.
b. Prepare final project report
c. Prepare final project presentation
d. Lessons learned

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