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The article that you will use for this bibliography is available from the link below:

How Things Work: Lightning Protection – Air & Space Magazine, July 01, 2011


Annotated Bibliographies Guidelines


Title: Include your name and the title of the article top of each paper.

Margins: 1″ top, bottom, right, and left. Only flush left margins are acceptable.

Font: Times New Roman size 12 pt

Line Spacing: Double Spaced

Minimum Length: Five complete lines of text for both the Abstract and Comment sections

Annotated bibliographies that do not meet all of the format criteria will receive 0 points.


List the title of the article at the top of each annotated bibliography along with your name.


The annotated bibliographies must be completed and submitted to the dropbox by 11:59 PM Central time on the due date.


The annotated bibliography should not be more than 1 page and must consist of three parts; the title, an abstract, and your comments.

You may not directly quote any material in your analysis.

Each part will begin with the appropriate heading.

1. Title:

The first line of the document must include the title of the article you are reviewing.

2. Abstract:

The first paragraph will consist of a descriptive abstract of the article. In other words, summarize the content of the article. This section must be a minimum of five complete lines. Not five sentences but five full lines of text.

3. Comment:

After the abstract, provide an evaluative comment on the article’s content. Explain your thoughts about the article. How does it apply to what we have learned in class? Do you see any future potential for the material or process you read about, other than that discussed by the author? This section must be a minimum of five complete lines. Not five sentences but five full lines of text.

An article review that does not have each of the three headings and/or does not cover all three areas will receive 0 points. You must have a minimum of five lines for the abstract section and five lines for the comment section.

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